Ice Cream For Cats Is A Hydrating Treat You Can Easily Make

Many businesses have realized how important people’s pets are to them and that they will often take their pets along with them on trips out. That is why many shops have bowls of water outside and some restaurants are now even offering treats for pets on their menus. However, these are predominantly focused towards dogs and people often forget that cats like treats too. A fantastic idea for giving a cat a treat during warmer weather is to give them an ice cream that is specially made for cats.

If you are a cat owner, you are probably aware that milk and cream can make your cat poorly, so you are probably wondering how on earth you can give them an ice cream. Cats cannot digest dairy products properly and it can give them sickness and diarrhea. A cat ice cream does not contain any dairy products at all and they are something that you can easily make yourself at home. All you need is some cat food, some water, an ice cube tray and some cocktail sticks.

Simply add some cat food with a little water to the ice cube tray and stand a cocktail stick into the center of each of the treats. Freeze for a couple of hours and then the ice pop treats are ready to serve. An alternative to using cocktail sticks is to use popsicle sticks or toothpicks.

This is a trend that has popped up in Japan and cat owners are making the treats for their pets, so they have something to offer them in the hot weather. Japan has been experiencing a heat wave in recent months and cat lovers realized that their furry friends needed a little help to cool down.

Now that this has become a trend, there are new cat ice cream recipes popping up all over the place. While you can offer your cat variety by freezing different flavors of cat food, you can create a whole range of treats for your cat by following some of the recipes that have appeared on the Internet in recent months.

A cat pet food brand called CANIDAE has also come up with recipes for those who buy their pet food to follow. They recommend mixing some of their cat food with eggs, tuna or meat, and whey powder. According to their recipe, you need to blend these ingredients together with a little water before freezing the mixture in either ice cube trays or small cups.

Another recipe offered by the pet food company involves blending a tin of tuna or salmon, including the juices, along with a small amount of water. The concoction is then frozen as before. A further option is to fill the ice cube tray with fish or chicken stock and then add a teaspoon of cat food to the center of the mixture. This will turn eating the popsicle into a game for the cat as it must lick through the stock before reaching the prize of the cat food in the center.

If your cat has a sweet tooth, then you can also create a fruity option for your cat. Instead of combining the cat food with water, you can combine it with yogurt or blended fruit. This will add a little variety in terms of both flavor and texture to your cat’s treats.

Your cat probably won’t want to eat all the treats you have made in one go, so you can store them in a freezer bag until you kitty is ready for their next treat. By having some prepared and stored in the freezer, it is easy to take one out whenever the temperatures are rising. When you cat looks at you lovingly and is being the perfect pet, you will have something ready with which you can reward them.

Although the ice cream that is sold to humans is not suitable for feline consumption, there are many ways that you can give them a cooling treat. You just need to use your imagination and think about the flavors that your cat enjoys. These treats are easy and cheap to make as you will already have everything you need to create them at home.

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