Google Photos App Now Recognizes Cats and Dogs by Name

Everyone loves taking pictures of their pets. It’s almost as important as taking pictures of your kids, and for some, their little fur baby is their kid. In today’s world with technology, most of our pictures sit on our phones, but where do you store them all, and organize them? Well now, Google has updated its Photos app. Just this past Monday, a new facial recognition features was added to the app to let users organize pictures they have of their pets. It’s a lot easier.

Since Google launched its new app, Google employed facial recognition that recognized the faces of humans so that their users could sort their pics according to the family member or friend. It is a similar feature to that of Faces in Apple Photos.

Now Google has a new feature that builds on the face recognition feature. This feature recognizes cats and dogs by name. You now no longer have to type in the word, dog or cat into the search field in order to bring up other relevant pics.

From now on, all you have to do is type in the name of your furry friend. Once you do, the feature will automatically bring up other pictures of your cat or dog with the same name so that all of the pictures can be grouped together, all under the same name – just like the feature does for humans.

Google says that not only can you group by the pet’s name, but you can also now search for your pet by breed so that if you want to put your pictures together, grouped by breed, such as “Poodle,” or, “Main coon,” you can. Or, you may want to use a simple emoji of a dog or cat, to search. Very simple and easy to use.

For creating short little films of your pet, there’s an easy way to do that to with this feature. This works by way of a new pet detection naturally feeding into the app’s automated movie generator that is found in the Assistant view. Users can be creative and make their own little short films simply by tapping on the new photo group that the set up for their pet. Once you tap on the group, select all your favorite pictures and tap the “+” symbol.

For added creativity, Google added six “pet-inspired songs” that the user can choose from to go along with their video. These are found in the movie editor section of the app and they are great for adding to all your four-legged friend videos.

You can get the free download of Google Photos for your iPhone and iPad on the App Store app. So get it, and start making memories of  your little fur baby.

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