A Couple is Reunited With Their Lost Cat After 56 Days

Losing someone that means the world to us has its adverse effects on us. However, your loved one does not have to die for you to be heartbroken; the mere thought that they are far away from you and possibly suffering will break your heart. Still, such unfortunate incidences happen, and one couple came to understand what it means to have your sanity tested after their cat went missing. Luckily for them, the lost cat came back home after 56 days, but it took the help of strangers for the reunion to occur. Let’s take you through the events leading to the loss and what you can do in case your pet ever goes missing.

Faith in humanity is restored

Zach and Holly Tobin were ready to go back to their home country after living in London. They could not leave their beloved pet, Luna, so they carried him along, not knowing that would be the last day they saw him for the next two months. As the couple made their trip from St. Louis to Washington D.C., they had a stopover at Interstate 64, Exit 10, which Luna also took as his cue to stretch his legs. The cat, however, took his time getting to know his surroundings. Instead of coming back to his owners, he left, never to be seen again within the area.

Zach and Holly panicked since they were in a dilemma; they could not stay for long in the town, yet they could not leave without their fur baby safe in their custody. Therefore they talked to the local vets in Huntington to help out, giving Luna’s description to a receptionist. The receptionist was kind enough to suggest posting information about Luna on Facebook groups. The post attracted the attention of Teresa, a local cat rescuer who felt it was her duty to ensure the safe return of Luna.

As Teresa told WKRN.com, she knew that the couple had to go back home and it was up to the locals to lend a helping hand in locating Luna. Teresa and her group nearly lost hope after weeks went by without anyone having seen Luna, but everything changed after reports came in that Luna had been sighted on June 7, 2020. Consequently, Teresa mobilized her group so they could lay traps for the lost cat in that specific area.

On June 9, 2020, Teresa went to check the traps, and Luna lay there appearing content and oblivious to the fact that he was giving his humans sleepless nights. Zach’s and Holly’s desperation came to an end when on June 10, 2020, they were reunited with Luna. They traveled to West Virginia to pick their furry friend. Since it took the help of strangers, all Holly could say was that people might have lost faith in humanity, but losing an animal presents an opportunity for people to show how humane they are.

No matter how long your cat has been lost, there is always hope

Last year, CNN published the story of a cat that had been missing for five years but was finally reunited with his owner. Viktor Usov adopted Sasha despite his disheveled looks because he felt they had a strange connection. Sasha became the friendliest cat Viktor ever saw, and her adventurous spirit led to her getting lost one night. Time passed, and Viktor thought he would never see Sasha again.

Fortunately, Santa Fe Animal Shelter found Sasha on the streets, and since he did not have a collar, they took him to the shelter for microchip scanning. The chip revealed Sasha’s owner as Viktor, but when they contacted him, he told them it could not be, and their system was faulty. However, upon exchanging pictures of Sasha as a kitten and as a six-year-old cat, Viktor discovered that, indeed, it was his long-lost cat. What shocked him most was how Sasha went from Portland to Santa Fe, but these animals will never cease to amaze us.

Tips to finding your lost cat

If you thought cats do not care about what you say to them, one person is here to prove otherwise. After losing his cat, a Twitter user that goes by the handle “@charlie0816” said he found a useful method of finding lost cats. According to Japan Today, @charlie0816 saw someone’s post that read if you talk to the neighborhood cats and ask them to help you find your lost cat, he will return. Therefore he took the advice and went to the local convenience store to ask the stray cats for help. By the next morning, the cat had returned, and lots of people went ahead to give their testimonies about how stray cats can help bring your lost pet back home.

On the other hand, if you do not believe in talking to animals, you can ask a lost-cats detective for assistance. understanding your cat’s personality will go a long way in locating him whenever he goes missing. Cats are classified into four personality types: the cautious cat, the curious one, the careless one, and the xenophobic one. Therefore when you seek a detective’s help, be sure to talk more about the cat’s personality since the differences in their attributes will also dictate how they behave when they are lost.

When all else fails, it is better to be safe than sorry therefore putting identification marks on your cat is also advisable. Also, as much as pet owners dislike collars, these little tools can ensure that if your cat gets lost, people will know that it is not a feral feline; thus, try to reach out to the owner, especially if you have added an identification tag. Finally, a microchip is also recommended since it is permanent, and whenever you move or change your telephone number, you can update the microchip registry or veterinary records.

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