Is it Possible That Cats are Psychic?

Somebody had to ask the question, “are cats psychic?” It’s been on the mind of cat lovers as well as cat worshippers for decades, but it’s a question that one doesn’t pose in random conversations. But did you know that cats have historically been placed on an ethereal plane as spiritual beings? It’s absolutely true. There are even cat gods from antiquity. Most cat lovers can tell you that they have a unique connection with their feline housemates that does border spiritual. There has to be some reason why we’ve been sharing our homes with them for the past 4,000 years.

Feline behaviors under the microscope

It’s no great secret that some cats have given the others a bad rap. They’re reputed for having a Jekyll and Hyde type personality. Cats are capable of pure evil. Whether it’s shredding your curtains, howling loudly in the middle of the night, or enjoying the torture and murder of a rodent, they can become destructive and cruel. When you combine this with their aloof attitudes, it’s not hard to imagine why some have a distaste for them in general, but a true cat lover is willing to overlook all of these minor character flaws because of their deep connection to beloved pets. Cats have affected humans by separating them into the divisions of cat lovers and not cat lovers. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of gray areas here.

Animal experts have a need to know

What makes these mysterious creatures tick? It’s been a common question for decades and it’s unclear exactly what motivates these incredibly complex animals. It’s too easy to assign their behaviors merely to nature. It’s difficult to assess an animal that refuses to cooperate with you. Multiple scientific studies have been conducted to explain cat behavior but other than assumption and the fact that they are magnificent and complicated creatures, there hasn’t been much progress made, so we turn to the esoteric.

The historic felines from antiquity

The Ancient Egyptians assigned a high level of spiritual significance to cats. They were worshipped in this culture and we see examples in the antiquities unearthed that reveal Bstet, a cat goddess was in charge of warfare and protection. Animal psychics investigate the mystical side of cats. It’s become a common practice in the esoteric community and has yielded the most information so far. Can they really tell what’s going on inside the mind of a cat?

Smidge as a test subject

Smidge’s owner sent in a picture of the grey tabby who is two years old. The pampered cat wants for nothing and has all her needs well-met by her owner. A celebrity animal psychic gave it a whirl and her assessment was spot on, according to the owner. The cat has a sense of entitlement and believes herself to be the most important member of the house. In short, the cat is arrogant, but the psychic continues to say that it’s the special treatment cats receive that help to form this attitude. She shared that all cats are individuals and often a product of their environment, but it’s not possible to understand how these animals function or why. The mystery is just too deep.

Cats are capable of caring about their owners

Further information provided by the psychic showed that Smidge was concerned about poor life decisions (in her estimation) that the owner was making. She had some things to say about the man she was seeing, her distraction from her employment and the unhealthy food choices she was making. This is actually heartwarming.

Psychic advisement

Another psychic revealed that our cats can “absorb things” directly from us. This includes sadness, joy, chaos, confusion and so forth. Only a psychic connection can explain this empathic exchange of emotions. Our cats can become our mirrors and reflect some of our own attitudes and habits that they pick up fro being exposed to us. Can your cat see into your soul? There are quite a few objective observations that suggest that they can and they do.

Final thoughts

In the animal kingdom, cats are among the most intelligent and intuitive creatures in existence. They seem to always know how their pet parents are feeling. They don’t easily connect with just anyone, so when they do, it’s a spiritual connection. They form a bond that allows them to see inside of the depths of your essence. If this isn’t a psychic ability then what is?

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