After Being Rescued From A Busy Road A Little Kitten Curls Up On The Rescuer’s Shoulder


Sadly, it is all too common for cats to be hit by cars on busy roads, especially younger cats. They may not have the sense of danger that would keep them away from the road. This was a situation that nearly occurred with a cute little kitten in Arkansas, but luckily there were plenty of people on hand to help out.

Rescue From A Busy Road

When a young man saw a kitten by the side of a busy road, he knew he needed to stop and make sure it was ok. He was worried that it would be hit by a car if he did not stop and take it away from the road.

He pulled over to collect the cat, even though he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep the kitten himself. He managed to get the cat away from the road and took her home with him.

Once he was at home he made a Facebook post explaining what had happened and looking for someone who could give the kitten a home. Holly Brookhouser had years of experience fostering animals, and has seen what can happen when the end up in the wrong home.

She knew that she had to be the one to take the kitten in, just so she could have some peace of mind that the animal would not end up with someone who would not take care of her properly.

The original Facebook post was shared a large number of times, but no one came forward to claim the kitten and so Brookhouser decided to foster her.

The Cat Curled Up On Holly’s Shoulder On The Way Home

When Holly was in the car, the cat climbed up on her shoulder and snuggled into her neck. She took some selfies with the kitten which Bored Panda have shared online. In the photos it can be seen that the kitten is clearly very affectionate.

She soon fell asleep in that position on her shoulder, which made Brookhouser feel as if she had already won her trust. She could tell from this moment that she would have a close bond with the kitten, and she couldn’t wait to introduce her to the rest of the family.

The Perfect Present For An Anniversary

Brookhouser fostering the kitten coincided with another special occasion that the family were celebrating. The day that she saw the Facebook post and went to collect the kitten, was the two year anniversary of her adopting her son Marcelo.

To celebrate his special day, he was allowed to choose the name that the latest addition to the family would be given. He took a few minutes to think about it before deciding on the name Appleseed.

Marcelo couldn’t say for sure why he chose that name, it was just the first thing that came into his mind. Even though it was something of an unusual choice, the name seemed to fit the kitten perfectly.

Appleseed Had Some Health Issues To Overcome

One of the first things that Brookhouser noticed about Appleseed was that she was quite underweight. She was also covered in fleas. There was no information about what had happened to Appleseed before she was found on the road.

The condition that she was found in did suggest that she had not been well looked after. It was clear that she had been neglected, but it may never be known if she had been living as a stray, or if she did have an owner but they had not taken care of her.

Appleseed Needed To Quarantine

Appleseed needed to quarantine when she first came to live with the family. However, Brookhouser did not really want to keep her away from the rest of the family, especially because she seemed so affectionate.

The Little Lion Foundation explain why quarantining is so important. Brookhouser set the quarantine area for Appleseed in the family living area. This meant that there was usually someone around that she could see and hear.

The family had really started to bond with Appleseed in the short time she had been with them, and this was something that Brookhouser did not want to jeopardise. She set up a cage in the living area so Appleseed could still quarantine but without feeling as if she was on her own.

She Soon Began To Feel Right At Home

During her quarantine Appleseed began to put on weight, and her fleas were successfully treated. Once the quarantine period was over and she was free to explore the house, she soon began to make herself at home.

As her health continued to improve, her personality began to shine through. She had a great time getting to know Brookhouser, the rest of the family and all the other animals that belonged to the family.

She was soon walking around the home like she had been there for years, and she soon became known for her sass.

Brookhouser Will Let Appleseed Be Adopted

Even though Appleseed is well loved by the Brookhouser family, they understand that they will need to let her go. They already have quite a full house when it comes to pets, with five cats, three dogs, a rabbit and a hedgehog.

Daily Paws report that a family in California are making the trip to Arkansas to give Appleseed her forever home. Appleseed’s story was shared all over the country, and it was not really a surprise that there was interest in adopting her from people in other states.

Brookhouser always makes sure she does her due diligence with anyone who is wanting to adopt, to ensure that the animals are going to a good home. Appleseed will not be the last foster pet that Brookhouser takes in.

She is always looking to improve the lives of animals that have found themselves in a situation where they have been mistreated. This is one of the reasons why she actively looks for forever homes for the pets she has fostered.

When she can give pets like Appleseed their happy ending, she is able to do the same for her next charge.

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