Hunting Cat Has the Best Facial Expressions

hunting cat

The beginning of April means I am now more than halfway through my current age, and I am now officially closer to my 33rd birthday than my 32nd. I have no problem with aging. Then again, I’m doing it particularly well, so that is helpful to my outlook. As I am getting older, I do make sure that I take good care of myself. I eat well, I exercise, and I try not to stress about things. One thing that I keep my eye out for is wrinkles. Thus far I’m not seeing any appear, but I am still very interested in the idea of Botox. Not because I need to fill in any lines or gaps. I simply want to stop my forehead from moving because my husband says that even when I’m working very hard to keep my thoughts and opinions to myself, my face shows it all.

If my forehead did not move, people would not know that I think they are completely ridiculous when they speak to me. Do you see where I am going with this one? Okay, check out this video. This cat is not paying attention to what’s going on as he does some hunting, and look at his face. He’s making all types of facial expressions that everyone thinks is hilarious, but that he probably does not. Now think of this; that’s what my face looks like when people talk to me. Now do you see why I should get Botox just to stop my expressions (obviously, I am joking). Watch the video. It’s funny.

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