Having a Maine Coon Can Help You Lengthen Your Lifespan

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It’s been said that owning a cat is a great way to live a longer, healthier life; and it’s true. While it doesn’t matter what kind of cat you own, a Maine Coon makes a wonderful pet and we highly recommend this beautiful animal as one you should consider adopting into your family. Large and expressive, this breed is friendly, open and loves attention. It’s the kind of animal that reminds many people of owning a dog. This is great news for those who want to own a pet and love the benefits of having a dog, but don’t want an actual dog. The Maine Coon is one of the most intelligent cat breeds, and it’s very easily trained (hence the reason it is so dog-like). What’s really interesting about this breed is its love of water. Where most cats don’t love the idea of getting wet and will do whatever it takes to avoid water, this is a breed that will find water anywhere so that it can play and enjoy itself. And if that’s not a good enough reason to actually get one of these cats, perhaps you could consider the fact that owning a Maine Coon could actually improve your health and, therefore, your life.

It’s not always easy to convince the people in your family to purchase a cat that is so expensive and so lovely when there are many other cats that can be adopted from shelters and pounds – the Maine Coon is difficult to find in many shelters and animal service centers. If you’re looking for a few great reasons to provide someone you need to convince, we have a few that are certainly difficult to ignore.

Cats Reduce Stress and Anxiety

There are medical studies that prove owning a Maine Coon – or any cat – is a great way to reduce your level of stress and even anxiety. Does that sound right to you? It should; the simple act of petting your cat when it sits on your lap or next to you on the couch is said to be a calming motion that can cure all kinds of stress and anxiety. In studies, patients with severe levels of one or the other, or both, were given cats to pet and it was shown that their levels of stress and/or anxiety dramatically decreased as they continued to pet the cats. If you have a stressful job, perhaps a cat might be something you’d like to come home to at the end of the day.

Cats Curb Depression

There is no cat cure for depression, but those who suffer from depression are less likely to do so if they own a cat such as a Maine Coon. Perhaps it’s the silly antics of these animals, their very expressive personalities or even just the fact that you always have a companion who isn’t there to judge you or upset you in any way that helps to decrease the feelings of depression so many Americans live with. Those who suffer from depression are provided with stress relief and a distraction with a cat in the house, and that is very likely what causes these animals to have less stress in their lives.

Cats Are Great for Preventing Allergies

Who said that cats are bad for allergies? Well, a lot of people. Cats are awful for people who have cat allergies, so this is not something that will really apply to them. However, cats are great for new babies. While many people say that there is no reason to have a new baby and a cat in the house, medical studies show that babies who are raised in homes with cats in them are less likely to develop certain allergies. Being around specific allergens as infants has a way of helping kids develop immunity to those allergens, therefore allowing them to live an allergy-free life as far as cats are concerned.

Cats Lower Blood Pressure

Studies show that people who own cats have significantly lower levels of blood pressure than people who do not own cats. The reason for this is really an accompaniment to the fact that cats reduce stress and anxiety. Since stress and anxiety are enough to cause an individual’s blood pressure to rise, it makes sense that a lack of these things would cause a person’s blood pressure to level off. This can also reduce a person’s risk of other health issues, such as stroke and heart disease. All in all, this goes to show that owning a Maine Coon is a great way to live a longer, healthier life.

Cats Help People Cope with Loss

Losing someone you love is a difficult time in anyone’s life, and a cat can actually help people cope. It could be the fact that cats relieve stress and anxiety and make depression symptoms a little less noticeable, or it could be any number of other factors. For example, the reason cats can help cope with loss could be due to the fact that cats are companions. They can’t say the wrong thing. Your Maine Coon isn’t going to offer you any condolences. He’s just going to continue on with his antics, allowing you to pet him and love on him and make yourself feel better. Because these cats are so friendly and outgoing, you will find it difficult to ignore how easily they can make you smile.

And because these cats love to be around you, it might help that your Maine Coon is going to join you in the shower to play in the water or in the drive when you are washing the car (though it’s better to keep cats as indoor pets in many cases) simply because he wants to play in the water. Whatever it is about this breed, it’s a wonderful cat to own. It’s going to make you an overall happier person, and that is going to make you a healthier person. The healthier you are, the longer you will live.

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