Which Cat Breeds Are the Meanest?


Love cats? Cats are usually affectionate and cute. You can make your home lively by simply buying a pet cat. But before you do, it is prudent to know the meanest cat breeds and steer clear. Cats have unique personalities, but certain breeds are inclined towards aggression and occasionally bite or scratch. So, what are the meanest cat breeds on the planet? Read on to learn more about the 20 meanest cat breeds.


20. Balinese

The Balinese cat has sapphire blue eyes and a fluffy body. Balinese cats are known for their playful nature, inquisitive attributes, and beauty. On the flip side, the cats are always roaring to get into trouble. They love to scrape but as a form of play rather than aggression. Balinese are related to the Siamese cat and can be equally vocal if you do not give them enough attention. Ensure you have plenty of scratch posts around your home if you do not want to be on the receiving end of their claws.


19. Persian

If you’re an animation connoisseur, you probably know Garfield. Many cat experts consider Garfield a Persian cat. Persian cats are extremely cuddly and loyal. However, the loving cats make this list because of their allergen content. Do you know that stuff that makes you allergic to cats? Yeah, Garfield and his breed have plenty to share. When the Persian notices you are allergic to them, they will happily leave fur and constantly curl up in your lap so that you can sneeze. It is a cheeky cat, but you already know if you love animations.


18. Lykoi

One look at the Lykoi’s wolf coat, and you would judge it as aggressive. Its Werewolf cat moniker too doesn’t help justify its case. But underneath the wolf skin is a cat with a sweet tooth and playfulness. Their wide-eyed gaze and hyperactive cat may appear aggressive, especially when you watch them up close. Lykois are a handful due to their instinctive hunting skills and can be mean to the prey. However, it is far from the meanest cats you can own.

Scottish Fold

17. Scottish Fold

On its good days, the Scottish Fold cat is affectionate to one or two people in the house. However, the cat often leads a separate life and is territorial. It can be friendly to other pets as long as it establishes dominance over them. However, they detest dogs. Don’t be surprised when your cat puts your dog up for sale on eBay. The Scottish Fold voices out the lack of attention rather than express it physically. According to Icatcare, sometimes they experience joint pains due to a gene mutation which also causes their ears to fold and become hostile.


16. Somali

Somali cats like to boss around, but they are social. They respond to the lack of attention with aggression. Since the cats are massively controlling, it would be best to let them know who the boss is when they are young. Somali cats are popular breeds among homeowners and therefore have unique characteristics. They are generally sociable and friendly with guests. However, they may scratch if the guest is not fond of the cat walking across their laps or curling up next to them.


15. Ocicat

Ocicats are on this list because they share a link with the Siamese. Ocicats are friendly to guests and the entire household. They like to play and need bits of affection throughout the day. An Ocicat will only cause a skirmish if you try a new concept of affection like patting them on the head or a skill they haven’t completely mastered. Train an Ocicat while it’s young, and you will have the friendliest pet.

American Wirehair

14. American Wirehair

The American Wirehair is a cat you can leave for long periods and won’t resort to its wild nature. As a pet, it has an independent streak and leads a separate life but occasionally follows you around. The American Wirehair is not as mean as the Bengal, but it will not appreciate you picking it up and cuddling it. The kitties can entertain themselves with a toy they made from a dead cockroach. Also, expect the American Wirehair to bring home their prey. Placating the American Wirehair is simple: do not invade its personal space.


13. Korat

Much like the Bengal, Korat kitties are very regal. In native Thailand, people gift Korats as a sign of good luck and prosperity. Korats are rare breeds as not every owner is ideal for them. They prefer peace but will follow you around. Korats are highly intelligent and appreciate puzzle-like toys. A Korat’s grumpy face and silent nature may pass off as standoffish, but they are very loving with whom they choose. Sometimes, the kitties think highly of themselves and would need a sweet treat to calm down. Do not leave the Korat alone for too long but do not disturb its personal space. The demands of the Korat cat explain its rarity. But if you can bond with it, well and good, you will have a peaceful companion for 15 years or more.


12. Cymric

Some cats are temperamental and protective. The Cymric is one cat that responds to the slightest intrusion. They are not friendly with strangers and aren’t afraid to mark their territory by scratching the invader. On the bright side, they are calm cats and smart. A Cymric can learn to open doors. Housing a Cymric means putting up with a docile cat but stocking play items in case the cat gets bored.


11. Himalayan

Himalayan cats are part Siamese, part Persian. They are generally docile but prefer to have things to play with when you are not around. The fluffy kitties are selective with whom they show affection, and if you are lucky, it is best not to abandon them. Noisy environments irritate them, and they will fight you to express dissatisfaction. Generally, a Himalayan cat is shy but can be extremely aggressive if you provoke it. In 2014, according to Latimes, a Himalayan held its family hostage until the police quelled the situation.


10. Singapura

Singapuras are strong-willed and sometimes skittish. The compact cats never outgrow their playful nature and will enjoy headbutting you. If you startle the cat, it will likely throw its weight at you and scratch. Unlike other cats, the Singapura loves to play and hang around you. However, they hide when visitors show up or if you don’t bond with them from an early age. If you have a cat, you don’t see but hear and see food magically disappearing; that’s a Singapura. With their high socialization requirements, the Singapura is a cat you will love to own if you are a playful owner.

Pixie Bob

9. Pixie Bob

Pixie Bob is a boujee name for a cat to be mean. However, like all cats in this list, how you handle and respond to their needs determines if you will invoke their feral nature. The Pixie Bob is a whole ball of fun and prefers to stalk, play and hunt. Since the cats are full of love to give, they respond to underappreciation with vocal cues. You may hear the Pixie Bob growl while voicing out its discontentment. Pixie Bobs are protective of their owner and are happy to bite when a competitor shows too much affection towards their owner. You do not want a Pixie Bob around your high school sweetheart unless you don’t want to reach the aisle.


8. Savannah

The Savannah is a cross between the African Serval and domestic cats. However, it retains most of the wild personalities from its Serval ancestry. The leopard lookalike doesn’t like to be held. You wouldn’t want to hold a leopard in your laps, either. When they are not playing, it is best to give them their personal space if you don’t want scratches and nicks. Savannahs respond differently depending on their age. If you want a Savannah, it is best to tame it from a young age.

Egyptian Mau Cat

7. Egyptian Mau Cat

The Egyptian Mau cat and the Pixie Bob share many dog-like characteristics. The beautiful Maus love every family member equally, including kids. However, they are not shy to scratch or meow loudly when you take play things away from them. Again, the cats are very protective and consider their owners their property. Egyptian Maus are not overly aggressive, but you should be aware that they can lash out when provoked and at strangers, they don’t have a bond with.


6. Bombay

Bombay cats are uniquely black with copper-colored eyes. Originally from South West Asia, they are a crossbreed of a black American shorthair and a Burmese and have strong personalities from each. Generally, cats are loving and attention-seeking. But they do like to play rough and can be forceful. You may end up with scratches or bites if you invoke their Panther-like side. According to MyCatBreeds, the Bombay is a Pantherette of sorts. The Bombay has litter box aversion and is a skilled mouse hunter. But you can get along with the Bombay cat if you do not make startling noises. Bombay cats love a quiet environment with just enough going on to keep them busy. Bombay cats get along with children and other pets as long as they have established themselves as the alpha.

Black Footed

5. Black Footed

Black Footed cats are wild African cats like the Serval. Vets do not recommend keeping them as pets, but the daring owners beg to differ. The breed shows aggression when they are hunting. They will most likely pounce on anything nimble that moves and is food. Stock your cabinets with cat food to avoid invoking the angry side of the Black Footed cat. Remember, according to a study, it has a hunting success rate of 60% and competes with leopards and cheetahs.


4. Sphynx

If you have watched an ancient Egyptian movie, you have probably seen a Sphynx. The 90s sitcoms popularized the Sphynx. Like its unique-looking body (furless), the Sphynx has a quirky personality. It can be one of the crankiest cats you can own. The Sphynx’s trigger point is not being the center of your world. They love attention but are very aloof. A typical Sphynx cat is choosy on the kind of attention and will lash out to get attention or avoid it altogether. Sometimes the cat prefers to cuddle in your lap only. Other times they are very playful. The major merit is they are intelligent, meaning you can teach them to play fetch. That said, the Sphynx is a cat you want to own since it sheds the least hair and likes to stay indoors.


3. Bengal

The Bengal coat’s color is a daily reminder of its ancestry and why this breed is on the naughty list. A Bengal cat is a crossbreed between an Asian Leopard cat and a domestic cat. The cats are aggressively playful and involved in many activities round the clock. Since the Asian Leopard cat is their ancestor, they love to hide things and climb up trees. The Bengal cat does not like to be picked up and is not so cuddly. The cat responds with hostility when you irritate it. The Bengal is ideal if you can put up with a little roughhousing and the cat stalking you. Since it is one of the wildest breeds, ensure you have plenty of activities lined up to do with your Bengal.


2. Siamese

Depending on where your loyalties lie, the Siamese cat can easily be the best cat you can own. Siamese cats bond with one family member and happily ignore the rest. They are also very territorial and lash out whenever someone receives extra attention. Siamese cats have a predator’s instinct and are likely to bring unwanted guests like dead mice or birds into the house. Taking time to understand what tickles your Siamese’s fancy can save you the occasional scratch, hiss, or low growl. If you have kids or other pets, shopping elsewhere for a pet cat other than the Siamese is best. Still, their striking blue eyes and assertive stance make the Siamese a popular breed among many cat owners.


1. Serval

The Serval is the maddest and meanest cat because it is technically a wild cat like its cousin, the leopard. Domestic Servals exhibit unpredictable female aggression and are one of the hardest breeds to manage. A Serval is very athletic and has a bite stronger than the average domestic cat. In the wild, Servals prefer to hunt and protect their territory. Domestic Servals also enjoy their personal space and are very territorial. Since the Serval may lean between wild and docile, it is best to try getting the Savannah as a pet or dedicate time to learning what your Serval likes and does not.

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