Man Sent Video of Himself Strangling Cat to a Family Member

Cat Strangler

They say confidence is silent, but insecurities are loud. While hell bears no fury like that of a woman scorned, one man, Zackary Nichols in Evansville, showed that even men could unleash hell on earth. We must have seen it from celebrities like Brad Pitt, whose ex-wife said he has a sensitivity chip missing. Brad posed with his new flame barely a month after his divorce. Rob Kardashian took it a notch higher by blaming his ex, Rita Ora, for his weight gain. He further accused her of sleeping with twenty men while they were still together. However, Nichols takes the crown with his dramatic response after suspecting that his fiancée was cheating on him. So the man sent a video of himself strangling cat to a family member, but before we get to that part, let’s check out what went wrong.

Incessant threats

Nichol’s father died recently, and that might have provoked him to relieve himself of the stress using his cousin. Nichol’s cousin used to date Nichol’s fiancée, and they even have kids together. However, Nichols believes that where there was once a fire, the possibility of it burning again is very high. So he began harassing his cousin, sending threatening texts of his intentions to kill his cousin and his family. His cousin must be very understanding because he did not take the threats seriously. Instead, he empathized with Nichols, not bothering to report the matter to the police because he felt Nichols was only reacting to his father’s death.

Well, Nichol’s cousin was mistaken. When he did not take the threats seriously, Nichols did the next thing he thought would halt the “ongoing relationship” between his cousin and his fiancée. He wanted to punish his fiancée for allegedly cheating on him with his cousin. He, therefore, filmed himself strangling his fiancée’s cat and sent it to his cousin. This time, his cousin took no chances and called the authorities who went to Nichol’s house in Vermont Avenue. The guilty are ever afraid, and Nichols knew that his cousin had probably told the police he had choked his fiancée’s cats.

Oblivious to consequences

Nichols appeared to be oblivious to the consequences of his actions. He handed police his phone believing that since the cats were alive, then there was no cause for arrest. Of course, police need evidence for the accused to be arrested, and Nichols was so forthcoming with providing some. His phone had the texts he had sent his cousin saying that since his fiancée cheated on Nichols with his cousin, then the cats were no longer alive. Nichols also had not bothered to delete the video proving how he slammed the poor cat on the couch. He also admitted to strangling the cats but insisted there was no problem since they were all alive. Police charged Nichols with animal cruelty and arrested him on October 20, 1.15 am, but after posting $100 bond, he was released later that day. His day in court was scheduled for October 21, 2019, 1.15 pm, but we are yet to know whether Nichols maintained his innocence or pled guilty.

He is not the first cat strangler

In May 2019, Louzader was charged with animal cruelty after finding several dead kittens and cats around Wild Deer Lane since the beginning of the year till May 9, 2019. The police suspected Louzader, whose body was full of scratches and cuts. Louzader, however, denied the charges saying that an elderly female patient in the hospital where he works was responsible for the scratches. He later changed his statement and admitted to buying cats on Craigslist and then strangling or stomping on their heads in his backyard or bathtub.

It is incredible the inhumanity Louzader has. Even after killing them, he dared to go ahead and dismember the dead cats by cutting off their heads or limbs. While most people would vomit at the sight of blood, Louzader did not have a problem with mutilating innocent animals. Incredibly, he worked in a hospital, entrusted with the lives of the elderly. It is chilling to imagine what he would have done had he grown tired of torturing cats. According to Fox2News, by the time he was arrested, Louzader had killed more than 12 cats.

Involving animals in human disagreements

It looks like men are now bringing felines into fights with their girlfriends. On July 12, 2019, one man came home drunk late at night, and his girlfriend confronted him. Ready to show who is boss, the man and his girlfriend began arguing, which escalated to the man hitting the woman with his fist. The woman ended up with cuts on the right of her face, but the man had not finished punishing her. He, therefore, took her 8-week-old kitten and strangled it to death. Maybe the woman should have done some background research since the man was serving his probation for another reported case of strangulation and assault. After realizing what he had done, he fled the scene.

Another man also thought it best to get rid of his woman by strangling his cat. This time it is the man, Lloyd Miller, who called the police saying that a woman was in his house and was refusing to leave. To ensure that the police responded as fast as they could, he added that the woman had inflicted injuries on his left arm and head. After the woman allegedly refused to get out of Miler’s house, Miller took the cat and wanted to strangle it. The woman struck the cat out of Miller’s arms, saving its life but not before the cat scratched Miller. However, after arriving at the scene, police found Miller had exaggerated his claims; there was no evidence of injuries on his body. In a twist of events, he instead was the one arrested as reported but IDS. He was charged with torturing the animal before being locked in at the Monroe County Correctional Center.

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