This Hotel Has an Adorable Resident Kitten and a Cat Committee

If you are looking for a place to stay in London and you are a cat lover, then there is the perfect destination for you. Not only is it one of the most luxurious hotels in England’s capital, but it has its very own resident kitten. The Lanesborough is located on Hyde Park Corner in the Knightsbridge district of London. This is one of the best shopping districts in London and a popular area among tourists. The hotel has a stunning façade, which gives you a hint at the beauty and luxury of the interior of this historic property. This hotel is so amazing that Travel and Leisure have given this accommodation the Best Hotel in London in 2019 title. This is in recognition of the hotel’s fantastic design, excellent amenities, and great location.

Although these are all factors that contribute to making this a wonderful hotel in which to stay, they are not the best features of this hotel. That honor goes to The Lanesborough’s adorable resident kitten. The kitten first arrived at the hotel back in June 2019. Her name is Lilibet, and she is a Siberian Forest Cat. Although the staff at this hotel are fantastic, it is likely that Lilibet is one of the cutest members of the team, and she is certainly becoming one of the most popular. The strange thing is that The Lanesborough is part of a group of hotels that have earned a reputation for having cats listed as employees. It is part of The Oetker Collection, which is a group of five-star, luxury hotels that are within Oetker Hotel Management GmbH. Many of the hotels within this group have one or more resident cats. Guests who visit these hotels almost expect to see a cat amongst the staff.

When you visit different hotels, you can meet a new cat in each of the locations. For example, if you visit Brenners Park Hotel and Spa in Baden-Baden, you will see a cat called Kleopatre, and during a stay at Le Bristol Paris, you might see their gorgeous Burmese cat Fa-Raon. The Lanesborough’s website reassures anyone who is planning a visit to their hotel that suffers from a cat allergy. Lilibet is a Siberian Forest Cat, which are in a group of cats that are considered hypoallergenic. This is because they shed very little hair and their hair is a type that is not associated with an allergic reaction. Therefore, even cat allergy sufferers can enjoy a stay in the luxurious accommodation on offer at The Lanesborough.

Lilibet’s main responsibility within the hotel is greeting guests. She also acts as an ambassador for the hotel. It is not known if Lilibet has been given any other responsibilities as a staff member at the hotel. While Lilibet is on duty, the hotel has arranged a group of employees called the Cat Committee. Those on the committee have volunteered to take care of their feline co-worker. A report in Tatler has explained why the name Lilibet was chosen for the young cat. The staff thought that the cat had a rather regal look about her, so they decided to name her after Queen Elizabeth II. To her close friends and family, the Queen is known as Lilibet. This is a nickname she has had since she was a child.

If you have not heard of a cat working in a hotel before, then this case may seem rather unusual. However, hotels employing animals is more common than you might at first think. There are hotels around the world that have realized just how much their guests enjoy having an animal around, so they have recruited either a cat or a dog onto their team of employees. One example is The London West Hollywood in Beverley Hills, California. This hotel has employed two bulldogs to greet the guests. The dogs are called Winston and Churchill after famous British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. This is a rather apt name because the mascot of Churchill Insurance, a British insurance company, is also a bulldog.

Another example is the Hilton Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The dog on the team at this hotel is an adorable Goldendoodle called Millie. Part of Millie’s working role is to greet the guests and to offer assistance to the baggage handlers. It is not just hotels that have decided that animals can make great members of the team. There are also cats who work on cruise ships, which is hardly surprising as cats have a long history of living on ships. Captain Kate McCue was the first American woman to captain a giant cruise vessel. The Telegraph reports that she had the support of her father in this career achievement. Her father also has a long history working as a captain. However, this is not the only support McCue has received. She has also had the ongoing support of her cat, she also takes along on cruises with her.

McCue’s cat is an Elf Sphinx called Bud Naked. He accompanies her on every trip they make. The pair have now become Internet sensations, as all their trips are documented on Instagram. Both McCue and Bud Naked have their own Instagram accounts. While Bud Naked has 18,000 followers, his owner has accrued more than 58.000 followers on her account. On both accounts, McCue uploads pictures of the adventures they have together when they are away at sea. Followers of the accounts love to see what the pair get up to on their travels around the world. It also shows what a fantastic bond McCue has with her beloved cat. As she works three months on, three months off schedule, she is apart from her husband for long periods. During her times away, Bud Naked is a great comfort to her.

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