Melissa McCarthy Suggests We Make an Oscar for Cats

Melissa McCarthy possesses a quick wit and she’s an extremely talented actress and comedienne, but when it comes to cats, she’s a serious fan. She’s recently made the recommendation that we should make an Oscar Award that is designated for cats. If you’re wondering if this is an attempt at humor, it’s not. McCarthy is dead serious about. After digging a little further into the story, we can understand why she would make the claim, and we have to agree with her.

McCarthy’s rationale for her suggestion

Melissa McCarthy recently starred in a film titled “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” She plays the role of Lee Israel an author and famed literary forgery artist on location at the Telluride Film Festival. The film received accolades for the outstanding performances given by McCarthy and other cast members, but there’s on furry, four-legged actor that really impressed Melissa. It’s her co-star Towne, who is a male cat that does a bang-up job on the set just by being himself. McCarthy stated that she’s heard that there are Academy Awards that are designated for pets, but there are still no Oscars. She was so taken with Towne that she believes he should receive an award for his significant contributions to the film.

The reality of the situation

Although McCarthy had heard a rumor that the Academy had given out pet awards, it’s actually not true. The American Humane Society does offer awards which are unofficial for animals who are actors. These are delivered through Pawscars. McCarthy doesn’t believe that an unofficial recognition is good enough or adequate for her friendly and lovable co-star.

Cats jump through the same hoops as humans

Not just any cat is eligible to appear in a major film. Towne was recommended by the call for cat actors as their “best-performing cat” in order to appear in the film. As they were explaining what qualifies Towne as a great actor. McCarthy relayed the scene in the film where they took him to the vet for a checkup. The cat had showed no previous signs of illness, but when they got up to the reception counter, he sneezed. He was actually pretending that he was sick. If this isn’t great acting, then we don’t know what is!

A heartfelt call for deserved recognition

We can look back through the history of film and find hundreds of examples of excellent pet acting. Animals have a way of getting to us on an emotional level. When they do something exceptional, many viewers are moved at a deeper and more intense level than if a human were to do something great. Cats are known for their fickle personalities and they’re capable of showing some amazing emotions on screen. Cat lovers are sure to agree that these amazing and versatile creatures are entertainers by nature. Even those that have not been trained formally have the capability of keeping their owners amused for hours. One minute they love you to death and the next, they’re giving you the cold shoulder. They contain so much emotion and personality within their tiny little bodies that it’s no wonder that they do so well in films and television.

Make room on the red carpet

If you need further proof of the fact that cats have earned a place on the red carpet, just check out some of the amazing YouTube videos. You’ll find cats who perform amazing feats, just for the fun of it. Some are athletes, others are high stepping fancy dressers and others can talk your leg off. There seems to be no end to the amount of pleasure and entertainment that some of these felines can deliver when they have an audience to perform for. McCarthy has made a good case for granting a special division in the Oscar Awards for felines in the business. There’s tons of evidence all around us to support her claim that Towne deserves to be nominated for and to receive an Oscar for his amazing performance in the film.

Watch the film and draw your own conclusions

“Can You Ever Forgive Me?” is scheduled for release on October 19, 2018. Watch it for yourself and see if you feel the same way as Melissa McCarthy about Towne’s performance. You can catch a sneak peek by watching the trailer here:

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