An Island Ruled by Cats To Be Crowdfunded in Japan

There’s nothing like getting away from the hustle and bustle of life and taking the time to reconnect with the world, nature, and your special someone. Slipping away to a secluded island to relax on a beach and sip on your favorite cocktail is something many people only dream about. Your fantasy may involve things like eating a coconut fresh from the tree or reading a book in a lounge chair under the tropical sun. But you probably have never thought that your fantasy getaway should include cats. Well, one rescue cat café chain Japan believes it should include cats, and lots of them. In Japan, cats rank higher on the social tier than even humans, so why wouldn’t anything and everything evolve around cats? Including a vacation getaway.

Neco Republic is a franchise of homeless cat shelters that also operate as cafes.RocketNews24 reported on the story about this unusual story. The story began with Neco Republic saying that they wanted to secure an uninhabited island in which they could declare it as its own nation. There they could then house all the homeless cats they ever came upon. They launched a gag, “crowdfunding campaign,” as a sort of joke, but what they found was that people actually thought it was a good idea, and soon, this “joke of an idea,” soon turned to a real support and outpouring of help from the public. When they realized this, soon even they began to think that maybe a tiny Catnip Republic should exist after all.

Neco Republic began to think about the reality of creating such an island where stray cats could live happily and tourists could get away from reality and vacation with the cats. Both human and cats would benefit from this island by bringing their joke idea to life.

According to the report, ideas for what the island surrounded by water would entail for the little fur balls would include such things as, shelters for the strays that have no home, outdoor cat gardens for them to roam, health insurance for all those that inhabit the island, hospices for the sick and ill-fated kitties and even a “public pension system for cats.”

Neco Republic has said that the ideal situation would be for the island to become and “independent nation” because, according to the organization, President TinkleBeans desires a seat at the UN. The idea would be ideal for the many cats that need homes and healthcare. They wouldn’t have to worry about trying to house and care for them in limited space and shelters and would give them a chance to live out their lives in a happy and healthy environment. It remains to be seen as to how this will happen, but it looks like real efforts are now being made to make it happen.

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