Most Americans Say Cats Got Them Through Their Lockdowns

The pandemic has brought many uncertainties and unexpected scenarios, and life has changed tremendously for the majority of the population. Many Americans have been subjected to lockdowns, and many have suffered mentally and emotionally because of it. However, there’s a certain demographic that seems to have discovered a silver lining amidst it all: cat owners. There’s a growing number of Americans that claim their cats have been their saving grace throughout the lockdowns. It doesn’t come as a surprise given the fact that cats are some of the best companions humans could ever have. They offer something different to pet owners in comparison to other furry friends. While this may be news to non-cat lovers, cats actually have the perfect temperament for scenarios such as lockdowns.

Cats are typically characterized as aloof creatures. It’s easy to assume this with certain behaviors, but this is not necessarily true. Cats do want their personal space at times, but they also like attention just like a typical pet would. Cats also have a tendency to prefer heights, so they may sometimes feel distant when they choose to sit away from you just to be on higher spaces. This doesn’t mean that your cat is ignoring you or wants to be away from. On the contrary, it’s likely that your cat is actually watching your every move even when you’re not looking.

OnePoll conducted a survey for the Royal Canin website in honor of the International Cat Day that was celebrated on August 8. According to the poll that surveyed 2,000 cat owners, many Americans claimed that they couldn’t have gotten through their lockdowns if it weren’t for their cats. It’s easy enough to understand this result. Pets are great for morale. They provide company and bring joy to households. They’re the kind of companions that never tire, never judge, and never complain. If anything, having a cat around might even be better than putting other humans together.

According to the survey, there are several reasons behind the sentiment. First off, cats helped ease the anxiety of many owners. The pandemic has brought out anxiety even for those who normally never feel anxious. Anxiety is a common response to situations that have no clear solution, and the ongoing pandemic has proven to be just that type of scenario. Cats are some of the calmest creatures around. They are peaceful and tranquil, and they rarely cause a ruckus. Cats prefer to be still, and that’s a good dynamic to have when you are feeling anxious. Cats help humans feel just as calm and collected. They won’t ever make you feel agitated or worked up because it’s just not in their nature to play rough.

In addition, cats have also become a sounding board for many lonely Americans during this pandemic. Pets such as many dog breeds have limited attention spans. You might have their attention for a few minutes, but they’ll soon tire of an activity and want to do something else. Other pets in cages may not be responsive enough to elicit some kind of reassurance. Cats, on the other hand, are patient creatures. They can sit with you for hours on end without having any distractions. Their gentle nature makes them solid listeners, and they respond in other ways without having to talk. Some cats may brush your legs as they walk; others might even talk back to you. Experts have studied cat communication for decades, and studies have shown that cats do communicate with their humans. They do this through specific body language signals and also through the many specific sounds they can produce. So if you ever feel like your cat can totally understand what you’re saying, it just might be the truth. Cats are perceptive and intelligent creatures after all.

Lastly, the survey also showed that many Americans feel that their cats bring positive vibes. During ancient times, people believed that cats had healing properties. There are those that believe this to be true today. If anything, we all know that cats can make us all smile like no other. Think about all the funny cat videos and pictures you can find on social media. Just a few minutes of browsing through these can undoubtedly bring a smile to anyone’s face. Now imagine being around a cat all day long. Not only are you guaranteed to smile at some point throughout your day; you’re also likely to just be in a good mood altogether.

There are many reasons to feel downtrodden and anxious during a pandemic, but there’s always a way to make it through. The lockdown has given cat owners an opportunity to spend more time with their cats and remember exactly why they love their pets to begin with. It’s also allowed cat owners to see their pets in a new light and learn something new about them. We all tend to get so busy and so tied up with everyday life that we forget about the simple things. Oftentimes, we all work so hard to live lives that aren’t the best for us or get things that we really don’t want. The pandemic has reminded many of us how much relationships matter—even the relationship between a human and his or her pet. The lockdowns have become the perfect time to hang out with your cat. If we all spend more time each day to get to know our pets better, we might be surprised just how much we can improve the quality of our lives. It’s nothing but a win-win situation. And if you’ve totally run out of things to do or don’t even own a cat at all, try the cat video trick—watch funny cat videos online. You’ll at least get some of the many positive benefits of cat interaction.

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