Does Your Cat’s Zodiac Sign Tell You Anything About Them?


Some people subscribe to the idea that being born under a certain zodiac sign has a dramatic impact on a personality, even to the point of believing that certain zodiac signs are incompatible with each other. Others don’t buy into this at all and think it is nothing but a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Whether you agree with the idea that astrology has something to do with forming a personality or not, you might be interested to know that some people even believe that animals can be affected by their astrological sign, which is such a fun fact. In fact, there are a lot of sources out there (and more are coming online every day) which strongly suggest that cats in particular are heavily impacted by their astrological sign. Does that mean that you can predict your cat’s personality based on his or her astrological sign? Maybe, but as is almost always the case, the answer isn’t really just a simple yes or no.

Astrology and Your Cat

If you already buy into the theories about astrology and personality traits, it might be a little bit easier for you to make the leap into believing that astrology can also affect the way your cat behaves. If you’re a skeptic, you’re probably shaking your head right now and wondering how you stumbled onto this information in the first place. If that happens to be the case, consider this a good piece of entertainment, and something that you could learn a thing or two from by the time you’re finished reading. The truth is, there has been quite a lot of research that has gone into this particular topic. In fact, so much research has been conducted that people have been able to piece together your cat’s likely personality traits based on their astrological sign, just like they do with human beings. That fact alone is interesting enough to get most people’s attention. After all, how is Spot different if he was born in January as opposed to June? Oddly enough, cats that are born under the Gemini astrological sign, which runs from May 21st through June 20th, have a tendency to be like two different cats in one body. You might get Jekyll one moment and Hyde the next. Conversely, the same cat born in January would be born under the sign of Capricorn. These cats have a tendency to be both shy and devoted. If you have a cat that has a tendency to cling to you more than most other animals that you have had, it could very well be because of the time of year that he or she was born.

Determining Birth Date According to Behavior

Even if you don’t actually know when your cat was born (as is the case with a lot of rescues), there is still a better than average chance that you can tell approximately when your cat was born, based on their astrological sign and their associated behavior. Look at it this way. Most cats born under the Cancer astrological sign are endlessly loving, wanting to be around you and shower affection upon you at every opportunity. By the same token, a cat born under the Leo star sign isn’t really concerned with anything except being the one in charge. They have a tendency to know what they have to do in order to get their way and they do it, all the time. They don’t like playing second fiddle to anyone, whether it’s another animal or a human being. Even if you’ve had that cat for years and you have a relatively decent relationship, the cat probably won’t hesitate to show you who’s boss if he or she feels backed into a corner.

Not So Different From Humans

As it turns out, the cats are not so different from human beings, according to their own astrological signs. Take the cat born under the Sagittarius astrological sign, for example. They have a tendency to do what amounts to a lot of daydreaming. They like to stare out of windows for hours, seemingly lost in thought and contemplating something that is far beyond what can be seen with the naked eye. They also have a tendency to sort of wear their feelings on their sleeve, so to speak. They let you know what they’re feeling and they’re not afraid to do so. That’s not really all that different from a human being born under the same astrological sign. Similarly, a cat that’s born just a few weeks earlier, under the Scorpio star sign, often has a tendency to develop very deep and meaningful relationships with the people that it is closest to. If you have ever known a human being born under this star sign, you can often say that the very same thing holds true for them as well.

Charting Your Cat’s Personality

If you’re really curious as to whether or not your own cat’s personality matches up with his or her astrological sign, there are countless numbers of resources available that list every potential personality trait based on star sign in detailed fashion.You can find those resources with a great deal of ease. Then, the real fun starts. You can start to compare and contrast the things that are listed based on what you already know about your cat. As previously mentioned, you might even be able to figure out what time of year your cat was born based on their personality traits, even if you’ve never had that information available to you in the past. It’s interesting to think that animal behavior might be dominated by astrological signs. That said, it sort of makes sense when you stop and think about it. If a human being’s astrological sign has such a dramatic impact on their behavior, it only makes sense that the same thing would hold true for animals. As previously discussed, some people may not buy into it and that’s okay. However, there are those out there who believe that there is a very distinct connection between the two and in at least some ways, their theories are often difficult to disprove.

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