How Much Should I Feed My Cat?

This is a question that is a bit more difficult to answer because there is no really straight forward answer. There are many different variables that factor in to the equation and will vary based on your specific cat. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of answer. The most common things that will figure in to what is a good amount to feed your cat include: Cat’s size, age, how much exercise he gets, metabolic rate, and more. There are also variations in the types of food and their nutritional values. You could have the same amount of food dished up, just different brands, and have different caloric amounts and nutritional values. Despite all the variations and elements involved, owners can still get an idea of what is a decent amount for their particular cat, and here are some tips.

1. Read the package label

For whatever type of food you are feeding your cat, look at the food label. The instructions will give you breakdowns of how much to give your cat in a few different weight classes. They will say that for a cat of 5 pounds, for example, give them between 14 cup – 1/3 cup, etc. One way to tailor this amount is to judge your cat’s current weight. If you know she is fit and trim, find a medium amount between the two recommended amounts. If she is underweight, giver her the higher end of the recommended amount, and the lower end, if she is a bit overweight.

2. Pay attention to the “Per Day” recommended feeding time

Some people get confused or overlook the fact that these are feedings recommended per day, not per meal. You don’t want to misunderstand the instructions which can cause a lot of overfeeding. This is why the next tip will come in handy for those who have multiple family members participating in the feeding process or even you may get confused.

3. Keep food serving in separate container

If multiple people participate in your cat’s feedings, it may be easier to remove the amount your cat should be fed, each day, out of the bag and place it in a separate container. Be sure that everyone knows that this is the only place you should be getting the cat’s food from each day to feed her, and not from the original cat food bag.

If you have any questions, still, about how much your cat should be eating, talking to your veterinarian about it is the best option. He can assess your feline for his health condition, weight, age, discuss how active your cat is and recommend the type of food he should be on, and how much you should be feeding him. He may decide to have you feed him a combination of foods, dry and canned, or fresh foods that you prepare. If you suspect your cat is eating too much or too little, have him checked by his doctor.


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