The 5 Best Cat Trees Specifically for Larger Cats

There are several benefits to buying a cat tree for your cat. The first is that it acts as a toy that provides a form of entertainment for your pet. Second, it is a good way of giving them exercise and this is especially important if your cat is an indoor cat. Third, they can act as a scratching post for your cat to use so they are less interested in scratching your furniture. If you have a larger cat, it may seem difficult to find the right cat tree to accommodate the size of your feline friend. However, there are many fantastic options available on the market. Here are five of the best cat trees for larger cats.

The Sebastian 67-Inch Cat Tree

Of all the cat trees available for larger cats, this one is possibly the most multi-functional and versatile as it can also be used as a bookshelf or a storage unit. This makes it ideal for people who have limited space available to keep a cat tree for their pet. Its contemporary design means it doesn’t look much like a traditional cat tree and is more like an aesthetically pleasing storage unit. Therefore, you won’t feel like you have a cat tree cluttering up your home. It is made from wood and is available in either black or white. The Sebastian has six levels that are perfect for climbing and playing. The first level also has sisal scratching material, so your pet can fulfill their natural instinct to scratch. Below the first level, there is a cubbyhole that will fit larger cats. This cat tree costs over $300, so it is one of the more expensive options. However, you ger value for money in terms of the options for your cat and the fact that it multifunctional in the sense that it can be used as a piece of storage furniture.

New Cat Condos Premier Triple Cat Perch

Not only is this a good option for those on a limited budget, as it is available for under $80, it is also good for promoting activity in larger cats. It is particularly great for cats that are lazy or overweight. Another group of cats that this cat tree works well for is geriatric cats. The problem with geriatric cats is that they still need physical exercise, but they need to avoid putting too much extra stress on their bodies. As this cat tree encourages activity but doesn’t put unnecessary stress on the cat, it is great for larger geriatric cats. It is a three-level tower that is made from wood. The different levels are ideal for both lounging and climbing. The cat tree also features two sisal scratching ropes, which are natural and unoiled, and these promote healthy scratching behavior.

Cat Tree King Queensplace XXL Activity Center

Although this is an affordable option, it is one of the most luxurious cat trees currently on the market. The top of the tree features a plush cat bed for relaxation that has a removable and washable pillow. It is designed to hold 88 pounds, so larger cats will have no trouble with this cat tree. It is constructed from wood making it both sturdy and durable. It doesn’t even wobble when a large cat jumps straight to the top. This is one of the shorter cat trees at just 44-inches, so it will easily fit below a shelf, table or work surface if space is an issue in your home.

Armarkat Cat Tree

At under $50, the Armarkat Cat Tree is one of the best options for those with a limited budget. Despite its low price, this is not a low-quality product. This beige-colored cat tree is 52-inches tall and has four levels, with the second level featuring an angled cubby hole that makes it perfect for fitting into the corner of a room. The two upper perches are great for perching or lounging. The surfaces are made from a pressed wood to create a faux fur look, which is a material that cats love.

Midwest Feline Nuvo Cat Tree

The Midwest Feline Nuvo Cat Tree is the overall best cat tree that is currently available for larger cats. It has five tiers and each has different features and two scratching poles running between the levels. Half of the base is covered by a cubby hole for cats to hide in while the second tier has two different surfaces. There is a hole in the third tier that offers an alternative climbing option. The top tier is smaller than the lower three tiers and is a good perching spot for your cat. There are also ropes with balls suspended from tiers two and three that provide a form of entertainment for the cat. This cat perch has a funky black and white design and has a sturdy structure that can support cats of over 20 pounds. At under $90, it is also an affordable option.

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