What You Need to Know About Domestic Shorthair Cats


They are the most popular, yet the simplest, of all the cat breeds – and, get this, domestic shorthair cats are not even really a breed! They’re of mixed ancestry, so you never know just what their temperament will be. The domestic shorthair cat is the result of numerous generations of mixed breeding with various different cats. Historically, cats first came to America with the Pilgrims: some cats went to be the foundation of pure breeds (i.e. the American Shorthair), while others bred with cats brought to American from various foreign countries.

Here are some other important things you need to know about domestic shorthair cats:

– They all have one thing in common: their short yet sleek fur coat. Luckily for owners of the domestic shorthair, they don’t require a lot of grooming – just occasional brushing to remove loose hair.

– Domestic shorthair cats come in every color as well as every pattern seen in cats, like mackerel tabby, solid and tortoiseshell.

– They reach maturity at three to four years old, and their life span is about 15 to 20 years.

– These cats are generally disorder and disease free, but because their genetic history is relatively unknown, there is always a chance of health issues. One issue that has been noted with domestic shorthairs is their tendency to overeat, which could cause them to become obese and generate related health problems.

– If there was ever a doubt, it’s a sure bet that they are ideal pets for families as well as first-time cat owners because of their low maintenance ways and friendly demeanor, especially as first pets for kids.

Photo Source: Buzzle 

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