What to Do if Your New Adopted Cat is Constantly Hissing

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It’s a cat lover’s dream to take home a new kitten or cat, but that dream can easily turn into a nightmare if your cat will not stop hissing. What’s worse is that you just can’t stop your new adopted cat from hissing at you – what’s a new cat owner to do?! Well, in order to find the solution to the problem, you have to get down to the root of it: why is your new kitty hissing? Many believe that hissing is a form of a mimic of a cry for help, where an animal (in this case, a cat) mimics a dangerous, intimidating creature in order to protect itself when it feels threatened.

Here are some things to do if your new cat is constantly hissing:

– Find the cause and determine the reason why your cat is hissing. It could be a number of possibilities: another cat in the household, noises, strange people, or even the manner the cat is handled. When you figure out what the issue is, you can help by conditioning it to not be afraid of those things, with or without the help of a trainer.

– Reassure the cat that you won’t hurt them. Don’t yell or hit the feline if it hisses and speak in gentle, soft tones when talking to it. If it hisses, walk away and come back later. When you do come back, gently pet them so they can get comfortable with you.

– Occasionally leave your kitty alone. If you hover over and bother it while it’s hissing and feeling threatened, it can make the situation even worse. And we all need our space anyway!

– Make sure and let the cat know that you care for it and that they are special to you. Don’t forget, cats have feelings too.

– If your cat starts to suddenly hiss at things they didn’t bother with before, you will want to take them to the veterinarian. Some illnesses have been known to cause behavioral changes.

Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

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