New York Will Be Getting Its First Cat Cafe


First gaining popularity in Japan, cat cafes have since become popular in parts of Europe and have since been trickling in and making their way into North America! Pop-up cat cafés have opened up in the United States, with a permanent one opening in Oakland not too long ago. Soon enough the Big Apple will be getting its fair share of feline loving, with plans to get their first cat cafe up and running! In the big city where landlords and their strict apartment rules make it difficult to own pets, cat lovers all over the city can get their fill of joy, spending some quality time with felines with their first ever cat cafe, Meow Parlour.

At the brand new Meow Parlour, customers can easily book appointment times online in order to hang out with the dozen or so cats that will be roaming the premises that will be located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, according to its co-owner, Christina Ha. The fee for Meow Parlour will be set at $4 for every half hour and the cafe will feature coffee, tea, pastries and other sweets on their menu and will be opening in December. Also, all the cats in the establishment will be available for adoption.

While cat cafés aren’t a new concept, this new location could capitalize on the fact that most New Yorkers don’t have the time or space for a pet, leaving this to be a niche to satisfy the animal lovers in the city with no pet of their own. According to a study in 2012 by the city’s Economic Development Corporation, pet ownership in New York is 60% below the national average. It doesn’t come as a surprise, as tight living spaces and strict landlord rules often make it difficult to own a pet in the city.

“There are so many New Yorkers who want to play with cats but don’t have the space or the money to keep them,” Ha said.

Much to our cat-loving delight, cat cafes are growing more and more in the U.S., with plans for ones to open in Denver, Portland and other spots soon!

(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

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