The Chartreux: An Exotic Cat Breed


The Chartreux is a very rare cat breed that has its roots in France.  These hard to find felines are sought after by some of the world’s most wealthy people. But everyday people have been known to shell out a lot of money for one of these animals. Very beautiful these cats have a very unique gray coat that is almost velvet like in quality. Bulky in size these cats can weigh up to 14 pounds but they are also very short in stature.  A very lovely looking cat they are appalling to the eye.  There shinny coats and their cute faces have won the hearts of many over the years.

What are Some of Their Common Characteristics?

These cats have several different coat shades that are often gray in nature.  But a blue looking coat is one of the most highly sought after colors.  Some breeders has seemed to gotten this trait down pat and produce this animals over and over again.  But if you want one of these blue toned cats expect to pay a premium price. Other characteristics of the Chartreux are there very muscular bodies.  They will often have a strong and solid frame that allows them to move there heavy mass with grace. Their strength is very impressive and watching them play is very fun to do.  This makes them very adaptable to different situations and some of these cats have even been known to flourish in an outside environment.  But remember cats make better house pets because they can often get into serious trouble if left to roam around.

I have heard These Cats are Aggressive,  is This True?

While any cat can become aggressive if not treated with respect some people have the misconception that these animals can be mean.  These cats are very loyal to their owners and when strangers come around they are often aloof but if not provoked they generally will just wait until the stranger is gone to come out of hiding.  But if miss treated these large and very strong cats will defend themselves.  So if you have small children that visit the home make sure to make it very clean not to play rough with your pet.  But if this cat gets to know you they will likely greet you at the door each and every time.  So make sure to socialize your cat with those who are going to be coming over often and there shouldn’t be a problem.

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