Police Officer and Drug Sniffing Cat Pull Off Greatest Prank Ever


Some people just win at life. We aren’t talking about the rich, the famous, the wealthy, the beloved; we are talking about people like this officer who are able to do things that the rest of us cannot even imagine. This is the best April Fools prank we have ever seen, and we thought we might share with you. You can see the whole thing below on the video we shared, but it’s just too funny not to also tell you. This officer, who happened to be off-duty at the time of recording, decided to pull over a man driving 11 miles over the speed limit. He went to the window while still recording and explained to them that he suspected that in addition to speeding, they had drugs hidden in the vehicle.

He was going to go back to his car to retrieve his drug sniffing partner; his cat. He went on to explain to the driver and the passengers in the vehicle that the cat, Officer Froo Froo, had been with the department for more than 8 years, two of which he trained and the rest he’s been a certified drug sniffing cat. He told the people in the car that everyone would be just fine; unless the cat meowed three times in a row, which meant he’d found drugs. The people in the car were beyond confused, and this officer was hilarious. You have to see this for yourself so you can understand the magnitude of the awesomeness associated with this one amazing prank.

SCPD "Feline Unit" April Fool's Prank

Before anyone gets too carried away (there's always a few), no tax payer dollars were spent in relation to this video. The few minutes of fuel will be paid for by me, I'm a salaried employee and this is on my own time, and last but not least, my sweet cat Froo Froo was not injured during this incident. The stop was legitimate (speeding), and my decision to give a warning was legitimate (I regularly warn for 11 over, which is what the stop was for). Smile people, it's April Fool's Day!

Posted by Salina City Police on Friday, April 1, 2016

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