The 10 Best Maine Coon Breeders in Utah

Interested individuals should be able to find a Maine Coon breeder in every state. Having more options should increase their chances of finding the perfect cat for them. As a result, interested individuals should also consider looking into the Maine Coon breeders in their neighboring states.

Utah is home to a small number of these catteries. Luckily, it more than makes up for this by bordering five states.

Here are 10 of the best Maine Coon breeders in Utah and the surrounding states:

10. Koinonia Coons – Coeur d’Alene, ID

Koinonia is the transliteration of a Greek word meaning more or less “fellowship.” As such, chances are good interested individuals can guess that this small, Idaho-based cattery raises its cats in a home environment. It is interesting to note that Koinonia has a catio measuring 20 by 40 feet, thus enabling its cats to get some protected outdoor time.

9. Bosley’s Angels Maine Coons – Powell, WY

This cattery is in Wyoming. Despite this, its reach extends further than people might expect because its owner is willing to discuss arrangements for sending their cats elsewhere. Interested individuals should expect to have a long conversation if they choose to buy from this cattery because its owner won’t agree to sell unless they do so.

That is as it should be. People should always be suspicious of cat breeders that seem too eager to offload their cats on someone else because that undermines their claims of caring about their cats’ well-being.

8. Stordire Maine Coons – Aurora, CO

Stordire is a Colorado-based cattery offering Maine Coons from American and European bloodlines. Interested individuals should know it is run by someone involved in cat shows and similar events. Her passion for the matter can be seen in how her parent cats are award winners. As such, people who want a show cat should include Stordire on their list of Maine Coon breeders to check out.

7. Colorado Maine Coons – Conifer, CO

Speaking of which, Stordire isn’t the only option for people who want a show cat. Indeed, it isn’t even the only option for interested individuals in the same state. After all, this cattery is also run by experienced cat breeders with a fondness for showing their cats.

That said, there are differences. For instance, this cattery specializes in European bloodlines, which its owners believe come closer to the original Maine Coons than their American counterparts.

6. Pimacoon – Sahuarita, AZ

Pimacoon is an option for those who prefer looking in Arizona for whatever reason. Visits to the cattery are conducted via video call rather than in person. That makes things easier for interested individuals. Moreover, that prevents visitors from bringing in pathogens, a real concern for catteries. Be warned that Pimacoon doesn’t ship, meaning those who can’t make it in person need to hire a transporter.

5. Suncoon Maine Coons – New River, AZ

Fittingly, Suncoon is another Arizona-based option for Maine Coon lovers. Its owners were introduced to cat breeding in the early 2000s, meaning they possess a wealth of relevant expertise and experience. Thanks to that, interested individuals can expect good results from this cattery, particularly since it enjoys good reviews.

4. Valhalla Maine Coon Cattery – Pleasant Grove, UT

Maine Coons came into existence in Maine. However, the Native Americans didn’t have domestic cats before the Columbian Exchange. As a result, it is believed that Maine Coons are descended from domestic cats brought over by the Europeans.

One line of speculation is that their ancestors were Norwegian Forest Cats. That is improbable but not impossible because the Norse established at least one settlement in the Americas.

That would be L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland, though there is speculation that there were other settlements elsewhere. Regardless, this suggests that the name of Valhalla Maine Coon Cattery is no coincidence because Valhalla was the dwelling of the dead fallen in battle in Norse paganism.

In any case, this is a small, home-based cattery. Its cats aren’t locked up in cages. Instead, they are raised underfoot in the home itself. Moreover, they are raised alongside kids, meaning they should have an easier time adjusting to similar households. This cattery is one of the newer names on this list. Something its owners are keenly aware of, as shown by their intent to build up their reputation before offering more services.

3. Old Highway Maine Coons – Morgan, UT

Old Highway is a farm-based operation. The owner seems to have imported her parent cats from European countries, so interested individuals should expect European-looking rather than American-looking Maine Coons.

She says she doesn’t sell her cats unless they are happy, healthy, and well-socialized. Moreover, she is willing to back up that claim by offering a one-year health guarantee, which should be welcome news for people concerned about their feline companions’ future well-being.

2. M&M Maine Coons – Sandy, UT

M&M is yet another cattery that specializes in European Maine Coons. Besides this, interested individuals should also know that it is willing to ship its cats worldwide, though that will be reflected in the final price.

On top of this, M&M uses health tests, sound breeding practices, and much the same methods as other catteries on this list to ensure its Maine Coons turn out well. It is so confident in its capabilities that it offers nothing less than a five-year health guarantee.

1. Auryn Maine Coons of Distinction – Salt Lake City, UT

Auryn started as a pet transporter. Initially, it specialized in transporting puppies. Later, it also started transporting kittens. One day, the owners were tasked with moving a Maine Coon, thus putting them on the path to breeding these cats. Eventually, they settled on naming their cattery Auryn as a nod to The Neverending Story.

They have been breeding Maine Coons ever since. If people want to become involved in cat shows and similar events, they could do much worse than approach Auryn. This cattery has been involved in such matters for a long time, as shown by its awards and affiliations.

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