Survey Tracks Cat Owners’ Behavior To See How Obsessed With Cats They Really Are

There are cat owners and then there are cat worshippers. Among cat lovers, you’ll find varying degrees of affection and even obsession with these furry, four-legged felines. It’s also well known that a rivalry exists between people who are fond of dogs and those who are fans of cats. While all of them love their pets, some have a preference for one or the other. Dog owners can become intense about which is the best and why, but a recent study shows that there is a definite intensity of cat owners when it comes to defending their position and their intense love for their kitties.

Commissioned survey conducted

To find out more about the behaviors of cat owners, a survey was developed that tracks their behaviors on social media. They were asked a series of questions and here are the results. The OnePoll survey revealed that out of 1,000 cat owners, the average number of pictures that they viewed that was cat related tallied about 725 per year. They also dished out 398 likes for posts or pictures about cats. The study moved past social media to find out how many pictures a cat owner takes in a year and found out that 47 percent of them said that they do take pictures of their pet and that it often took several shots to get the ideal picture. People are so obsessed with showing the world how amazing their cat is that some won’t settle for anything less than the perfect photograph.

What goes on in the home

We found out about the behaviors of some cat owners on social media, now it’s time to find out what the survey revealed about what they do at home. On average, the cat owners surveyed reported that they own a total of 13 items in their home that is cat related. We’ve all seen the adorable kitten mugs. 43 percent of them have a stuffed animal in the form of a cat and 38 percent have an annual calendar that features pictures of cats.

The interaction of cat owners with their pets

The survey collected statistics over a 365 day period. The participants involved spent a total of 20 days cuddling with their kitties and eight days talking to their cats. This is the total time if it were condensed into straight days and hours. When asked how owning a cat has helped them on a personal level, sixty percent of the owners remarked that having a cat helped to ease their loneliness and fifty-four percent consider their cat to be a support system that brings them comfort during times of stress. They also reported that they spend time cuddling with their cats and it gives both owner and cat benefits. In addition, the survey showed that owners pay close attention to health concerns, eating habits, how much their ats eat, the condition of the coat/fur, moods, their energy levels and engagement in play and other things that involve the physical and emotional health of their cats. In general, cat owners want their cats to be healthy and happy.

What the results of the survey mean

Most people who are not cat people or are unfamiliar with ownership are surprised by the fact that fifty-four percent of cat owners reported that they were successful in training their cats. This is something that most believe is only possible with dogs. Some of the things that cats are trained to do include going into pet taxis and coming out of them. This comes in handy for trips to the veterinary or when travelling for pleasure. Owners also train their cats to hold still when they are bathed, groomed and when their nails are manicured. Some even train their cats to allow the use of a harness and go on supervised walks outdoors with their owners.

Is this obsession or dedication?

It’s difficult to draw the line between obsession and sheer devotion to a pet. On one hand, viewing several hundred cat pictures and supplying hundreds of likes on social media could be considered over the top from a behavioral perspective. Caring about important details surrounding physical and emotional health are quite another. A responsible cat owner will see that their pet’s every need is met because it’s the appropriate thing to do and shouldn’t come into question.

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