Synchronized Scottish Fold Kittens is Just Too Funny


Scottish Fold kittens are some of the cutest cats ever. These miniature sized felines are not only small in stature (automatically making them extremely cute), they also tend to have some big personalities. After all, practically everything that they do is considered “the most adorable thing ever” – and we couldn’t agree more! Sometimes, their quirks and actions can be so cute that it ends up being funny, especially when they all get together. It’s no secret as to why they are so popular these days – they are not only cute, they have a personality that comes with it.  In a viral cat video, a group of Scottish Fold felines show off their best – and funniest – sides.

In the video below, you can see six adorable Scottish Fold kittens sitting, congregated on what seems to be a couch or a bed with a blue and white squared blanket. The curious kittens are seen having their attention on something to the right of them, with all of them looking to the right and turning their heads in unison. Whatever it is has definitely caught their eye and they aren’t removing their gaze from it, even if it means moving their heads with every little slight motion it makes. The felines are all in a daze and look like little fluffy robots with all the synchronized moving they are all partaking in. Seeing their little heads move side to side, down and up make them look like hypnotized kids who are in such awe and entranced by whatever that object or thing is. Their tiny heads and beady little eyes can be seen throughout the whole video moving and flowing in unison. During the last few seconds of the video, one particular kitten in the group starts to do its own thing, even being the only cat to really meow during the video, showing off its independent personality. As the camera gets closer to the adorable creatures, they get more wide-eyed and, suffice to say, even get more cute to us!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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