The Ashera is Billed as the World’s Most Expensive Cat


A company by the name of Lifestyle Pets are claiming that they have introduced the world’s most expensive cat breed.   The Ashera is considered a hybrid cat that was bred with the African Serval, an Asian Leopard Cat, and a domestic housecat.   There have been disputes about the authenticity of this kind of breed because many folks are saying the Ashera is too similar to the Savannah Breed which already exists and is a hybrid cat like the Ashera.

Back in 2008, three Ashera’s were confiscated and DNA tests proved they were Savannahs.   To this day there isn’t really conclusive proof that the Ashera is a new and distinct breed.   However, that’s not stopping Lifestyle from charging a whopping $27,950 to get one.  And rumor has it some special versions of this breed can go over $100k.

Get out your wallets if you want to ante up for an Ashera.   Personally I’d stick with the Savannah until there’s definitive proof.  Plus these cats are big!  Up to 40 lbs.

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