The Cat Lawyer is Totally Real and Here’s The Deal


For some reason, the majority of animal rights activists end up screwing things up for animals. The truth is good intentions don’t always result in blissful endings when they are enforced antisocially. Normally, good ideas that are poorly conceived and implemented end up disastrously, and that goes especially for animal rights activism. One colossal example is the ‘dolphin-safe’ campaign that saves dolphins but kills everything else. Fortunately for the animal world, some good comes naturally and without prior planning. One epic and popular example is the Cat Lawyer.

Well, the world is fussing over a popular Cat Lawyer who has been instrumental in convincing the human world to be a little bit more humane towards animals. Some people think that it is a simple urban myth and a funny fable. It is not. This urban legend of the feline legal attorney who is employed at a law firm is real. The feline creature doesn’t meow like other cats, but the attorney really is a cat. In fact, he is more special than other cats because he wields power to save them and other animals.

You must be wondering in which world exists a cattorney. A cattorney is simply a real cat that is employed as a legal attorney. Well, such a creature exists in this modern-day world, and its employer is a powerful government agency. Do you know just how powerful, professional, and prestigious the American Bar Association is? It is so influential and bureaucratic that it admits all advocates and disbars them in cases of misconduct. It is an association that doesn’t play around with advocacy or bureaucracy.

Well, Order of Attorneys of Brazil is the Brazilian bar association. It is like the Brazilian version of the American Bar Association, but we all know how tough Brazilians are. Their society is marginally less democratic, and rights activists there find it harder to conduct their activism and advocacy. Ironically, Brazil is exuding one of the best activism attitudes over the last five decades. Unlike the rough manner in which animal activists are treated occasionally in the United States, Brazilians are approaching the concept in the cutest and most sensitive way.

Meet Dr. Leon, the Lawyer Cat

I know you probably thought we were joking. Maybe you were wondering; where are they going with this nonsense? We hope you realize we are serious once you know that Dr. Leon is actually real. He is most probably more famous than you are. That’s right; Dr. Leon is the carttoney we’ve been referring to all this time. He is one of the most popular employees at the Order of Attorneys of Brazil.

How Was Dr. Leon Employed at the Order?

Much of this cat’s history is not known or documented. The cat was, however, in its younger years, abused and mistreated. The suffering of the cat is evident through careful observation of his physiological features. They do not indicate a cat that was nurtured well by nature or its human neighbors and masters. He was probably abused and abandoned by his owners. That is how, unfortunately, Dr. Leon lost his purring abilities. According to vets (animal doctors), he developed a problem with his vocal cords due to suffering at infancy.

When he was still young, sickly, abandoned, and suffering, this inspiring and friendly cat sought refuge at the building that houses the Order of Attorneys of Brazil. He made a very informed decision to seek protection for his abused rights at the conglomerate of attorneys and advocates. He ended up depicting a real-life image of animal abuse, and he touched the hearts of the professionals that are often thought to be most devious.

Initially, some of the employees and guests of the building thought that the cat was a menace. However, their adverse attitudes changed when everyone noticed just how friendly Leon was. He quickly, as per human years, earned respect for his front-office skills. Since he is a cat, it probably took him much longer to earn his doctorate in Legal Reception, but those were cat years well spent.

The Order of Attorneys of Brazil procured veterinarian services to bring back Leon to good health. The vets neutered some months ago, and he is now a healthy cat. He doesn’t pose any risks of spreading feline viruses and bacteria. He is also fully employed and well connected. Credible sources at the building say that Leon chills out with the resident of the Order of Attorneys of Brazil daily.

Having Human Representatives

Maybe Dr. Leon is not the usual type of employees. He is a high ranking officer at a prestigious association. In fact, he is the face of the operation. When you rank so highly at your job place, it isn’t unusual to have representatives taking care of your image, correspondence, and public relations. It just so happens that Dr. Leon has one or two representatives.

The representatives make sure that Tom looks professional with his suits and ties. They are also in charge of designing the badges that he wears and communicating his ambitions. They run his Instagram account, and they make sure the messages passed are professional, friendly, and inspiring. Leon’s official duties are to welcome guests and to agitate for more humane practices towards the protection of animal rights.

According to the representatives, the Order of Attorneys of Brazil (AOB) is working to formalize and launch an animal rights advocate institute. It will be named Instituto Dr. Leon in his honor. When the arrangements are finalized, Dr. Leon will have his own office. The arrangements are to enable the OAB to fund NGOs that lobby people and resources towards housing, treating, and protecting abused and abandoned animals. Most of the NGOs are around Brazil’s capital city and central business centers.

Whenever Dr. Leon isn’t working and overwhelming guests with his cuteness overload, he likes to play. He plays with his toys quite a lot. However, he abandons his toys and commits the president of AOB whenever the president isn’t buried deep under paperwork and meetings.

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