This Might Be the Most Pampered Cat in the World

Is it possible to spoil a pet rotten? Under average standards, this might not become an issue. After all, pet parents have been known to dote on their furry friends. But when does doting translate to excess? It’s a purely subjective matter, and pet parents surely have the right to pamper their pets as much as they want. This is the case of Frank, possibly the most pampered cat in the whole world. Frank is lucky enough to have humans that adore him to bits, and it seems that he’s getting used to a life of luxury. Frank is a bald 4-year old Sphynx cat that probably gets more pampering compared to most human toddlers that are his age. In truth, the toddler life is hard to picture as overly luxurious—what with tantrums and bathroom accidents and all. But cats have a kind of sophistication that not even the most mature child could emulate. It’s probably safer now to stop comparing Frank to humans, but it’s difficult to do when he is treated like one and gets accommodations like one.

Nottingham brain and spine injury specialist Billie Joe claims that Frank is definitely more pampered than normal. In fact, Frank even has two homes. Billie Joe is only one half of a cat parenting partnership that she formed with her friend and former housemate, Lee Taylor. Lee is Frank’s original owner, but he needed help with Frank when he had to move. So Billie Joe stepped in to care for Frank and ended up falling in love with the odd-looking Sphynx. Billie Joe and Lee decided to care for Frank together in separate homes, giving the cat the same kind of pampering on both ends. So how exactly is Frank pampered? First off, Frank doesn’t really have to walk around. Sphynx cats have many quirks that are unique to their breed, but they’re just like any other cats in a way that they do need some type of exercise too.

Most Sphynx cats do their exercises indoors because of health concerns, but they also benefit from getting fresh air even in short spurts. So Billie Joe and Lee decided that taking Frank on walks using a pram is probably best. This isn’t too unusual because we’ve seen dogs on strollers before. In fact, Frank actually shares his pram with Billie Joe’s other pet, a Chihuahua called Moo. Moo loves the outdoors but hates walking on grass because they’re mostly bigger than he is. The solution of using a stroller works incredibly well for both pets, and it makes it a lot easy to walk both animals as well. Aside from having a stroller, Frank also has his own car seat. Traveling in a car can be quite a hassle for pets. The shaking around and the bouncing can cause cats to get carsick and having a car seat surely helps. Of course, car seats are not true necessities. You can easily put your cat in a cat cage in your car and get the same results. But cat car seats are fancier, and so Frank gets it during their travels.

Another thing that Frank has that most domestic cats don’t is a full wardrobe. Billie Joe and Lee are not holding back when it comes to this expense for several reasons. First off, it’s just cute. Sure enough, Frank looks adorable with his various outfits. And it seems that the Sphynx actually likes getting dressed up as well. When most cats would be trying to paw their clothing off, Frank is comfortable with the stylish clothes he wears. It’s important to point out here that clothing actually benefits some cat breeds that are hairless. Sphynx cats are not like other furry breeds. Because they are hairless, Sphynx cats are more sensitive to extreme temperatures. Cat clothing actually benefits this breed because it helps them control their body temperature; it protects them from extreme cold and also from extreme heat. Because he is hairless, Frank is more susceptible to getting sunburn, and clothing can help protect him from the harmful rays of the sun. Cat clothing also helps Billie Joe and Lee in some way. Sphynx cats tend to get oily because there’s no hair to control secretions, and that oil will rub off everywhere in a home without the clothing to offer some barrier. Sphynx cats need to bathe everyday in order to stay clean, and there’s nothing like putting on a fresh outfit right from out the shower. In fact, Frank loves it.

What Frank loves as well is the attention it gets not only from people he comes across with on his walks but also most especially from his owners, Billie Joe and Lee. This is where it gets tricky. According to Billie Joe, Frank is quite clingy—a character trait that’s not really common for cats. Most cats prefer independence and like to be curious from afar. Cats are highly intelligent creatures that are also mostly solitary. It doesn’t mean that cats aren’t affectionate. In fact, cats can be just as affectionate as dogs. However, they show their love in different ways. Frank being clingy could be the direct result of his pampering, and no one can really say whether it’s good for the pet or not. It’s unlikely that Billie Joe or Lee have any plans of letting Frank be on his own anytime soon; it seems that they’re likely to pamper Frank even more and for as long as they are able. It’s really a win-win for both parties because Billie Joe and Lee are enjoying caring for Frank, and Frank loves being at the receiving end of that kind of care. All cats deserve that kind of love after all.

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