Tiny 5-Week-Old Kitten is Trapped In A Drain Pipe Until Heroes Show Up


Drain pipes in many locations are a bit obsolete, as so many houses no longer use them anymore. When a man from the Michigan Humane Society was called to help rescue a kitten stuck in a drain pipe, he immediately responded. He wasn’t able to see the kitten, but he could hear him and he tried many different methods to get the cat out of the pipe with no luck. The cat was not reachable. That’s when the Animal Cruelty department decided to come and help, removing a portion of the pipe and eventually using a large clamp to reach down into the pipe, grab onto the kitten and remove him from the pipe.

During the process, the team noticed that under a nearby cement pad, there were three more kittens hiding out. It was then that the rescuers realized that these kittens were only a few weeks old – approximately 5 – and very small. There were moments when rescuing this small kitten seemed impossible, but the clamp finally worked and rescuers were able to remove the kitten safe and sound. All four kittens were taken to the local Humane Society where they were checked out by the vet, fed and cleaned and now they are waiting on someone to provide them with their forever home. It’s a touching story that melts your heart.

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