Two Blind Cats Live Life Like a Couple of Cool Kids

blind cats

Disability is in the eye of the beholder. Sure, some people might be labeled disabled simply because they don’t have the same features or abilities as the rest of the world. A blind man might be considered disabled thanks to his lack of eyesight, but it certainly doesn’t mean he is truly disabled. It simply means he relies more on this other senses and he cannot drive a car – but, then again, neither can half the people on the road these days to begin with. Being blind is not always a death sentence for living a sheltered and unenjoyable life. You are only as disabled as you feel, which means I might consider myself disabled every single day until I’ve consumed two cups of coffee at minimum. But Grace and Max are not disabled.

They might be two blind cats that hail from the Saving Grace Rescue in San Fran, but they don’t let their inability to see things get in their way of really having a good time. You might just call them party animals. I know, I know. Max is a small cat who had ruptured eyes when he was young. They were removed to keep him alive and healthy. Grace was blind when she was found by a couple who love her, so no one really knows much about her. What we do know is that Grace’s family adopted her and then they adopted Max, and these two blind cats are living it up as best friends and as the kind of loving animals thankful to have a happy home and a good friend.

They're not letting anything slow them down!

Posted by The Dodo on Monday, March 7, 2016

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