Two Suffering Homeless Kitties Get the Help They Desperately Need


When a woman finds a cat hanging by its leg on the fence of a neighbor’s house, she rescues the cat and takes it to a local vet. Unfortunately, the small kitten wasn’t so well. The kitten’s stuck leg was so damaged that the people who rescued her decided to call her Peggy – as they suspected that she would need to have her leg amputated. The cat’s vet cannot decide at first, whether or not to amputate the leg. There is no breakage in the bones, but the swelling in the cat’s legs does not go down over the course of two days. Her injuries seem to be worsening over the first two days, and the vet makes the decision to amputate. Peggy, fortunately, is on the mend and seems that she is doing much better. She’s a wild cat, but she will be rehabilitated.

Leela, another wild kitten, was found in the wild. She had a very large scab and bruise on one eye, and the vet decides that her infection is so bad that she requires removal of one eye. Unfortunately, the kitten does not seem to like humans very much and takes a while to become close to people. The young vet who saves the lives of these animals keeps them in a room together as roommates so that they can bond with one another. The cat with no leg and the cat with no eye; he then takes them home to meet his three small children, and they are very happy to have them in the house. Even after weeks in the home of the vet, the kittens are still a bit skittish, but they are getting better. The kittens are both going to go live with the families that found them as soon as they are done with their rehabilitation – and Vet Ranch was able to keep these families from incurring the costs associated with thousand dollar medical bills from saving these kitten’s lives.  All in all, it’s a happy ending all the way around.

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