What is a Poodle Cat?

A poodle cat is a term that refers to cats with fluffy, curly coats. Some also have crinkled whiskers. Although these breeds are not hypoallergenic, they are low shedding. Therefore, some individuals who have pets can find them acceptable. Nonetheless, cats with this kind of hair can experience fur-related problems like skin problems and alopecia.

In the opinion of thehappycatsite.com, the Selkirk Rex is the most common poodle cat breed. Yet, other rex breeds are usually referred to as poodle cats, including the Cornish Rex and Devon Rex. The Selkirk Rex is a friendly, intelligent and easy-going cat. Their weight ranges anywhere from 6 to 16 pounds and they are typically healthy. It is among the newest cat breeds and has gained popularity quickly. Its unusual curly fur makes it stand out and become noticed. They have many nick names, including bad hair day cat, cat In sheep’s clothing and dip and dry cat.

Why they are known as poodle cats

Poodle cats derive their name from the Poodle, a curly-coated dog breed. poodle dogs have tightly curled fur. The furs of poodle cats is tightly curled and can extend even to the kinks In their eyebrows and whiskers. poodle cats have different health issues, personalities and appearances. Therefore, it is essential to determine the exact breed of your poodle cat to learn about what to expect.

Do poodle cats shed fur?

One major reason that people like poodle dogs is that they do not shed as much fur as other dog breeds. This is the trait that makes them ideal for mixed breeds such as the Labradoodle, which was bred specifically for someone who suffered allergies after handling or interacting with dogs. poodle cats do not shed much fur, particularly compared to other breeds. Still, it is essential to examine the specific breed you are choosing. If your poodle cat is a mixed breed with curly fur, it is likely that it will shed more than normal.

Are they hypoallergenic?

Many people think that these cats are hypoallergenic because they do not shed much fur. Yet, jacionline.org claims that no cat is truly hypoallergenic. Yet, it is still vital to consider the breed you are selecting. If your cat is a mixed breed with curly hair, it will shed more hair than normal. The protein which causes cat allergies often comes from eye, skin and saliva glands on cats. Thus, even If you get a low shedding breed, it is not guarantee that you will experience allergies.

If you are allergic to cats, please try to spend time with such a cat before you bring it home to find out If your allergies will be triggered. Allergens can concentrate highly In areas such as soft furniture, cut bedding and carpets. Therefore, you can attempt to control allergies by cleaning your home regularly and thoroughly. Still, this is not a guarantee that your allergies will fail to be triggered.

Tips for grooming poodle cats

Poodle cats are unique and they differ from other cat breeds. Therefore, they require more attention. The way you groom a poodle cat depends on the particular breed you have selected. If you groom the cat’s fur too often, it is likely that you will brush out the curls. Still, grooming the cats too little can cause their fur to develop nasty tangles and knots. When brushing your poodle cat, brush it gently to work out the knots. It can be painful to pull on tangles for your poodle cat.

The health of poodle cats

The health of your poodle cat will depend partly on its breed. Thus, If you see breeders who sell poodle cats, make sure you find their actual breed. Your cat could be a mixed breed or purebred rex breed. It is essential to find out what your poodle cat breed is to learn about the health issues that affects it. The general health issues that affect one or several of the health breeds include:

  • Alopecia (hair loss)
  • Patella luxation (slipping or loose kneecaps
  • Seborrheic dermatitis (scaly eczema) and seborrhea
  • Hereditary myopathy and muscular dystrophy (degenerative muscle weakness
  • Skin problems

If you experience problems with your poodle cat, especially around their skin, take it straight to the veterinarian for assistance.

How to find poodle cat kittens

As poodle cats get more popular, finding breeders is easier. Still, you need to take care to select a responsible breeder. Do not just look for someone searching to make quick profits. The best breeders are focused on breeding healthy kittens. Remember that it is possible to test for some health conditions. Therefore, find out If the breeder has any health certificates. The prices of poodle cat can vary a lot based on where you reside, the demand and exact breed. In general, you can expect to pay over $500, especially for show quality cats.

If you are searching for a cut that does not shed much, and looks unique, a poodle kitten can be an excellent choice for you. Nonetheless, you need to research about the breeds that are most ideal for you before you commit to one. Ensure that you have adequate of time to dedicate to grooming your cat’s curls. Also be ready to treat the potential health issues they face, including common skin and hair problems such as alopecia and dermatitis.

Why they are unique

The distinctive fur of the poodle is due to their genetic quirk. They have kinky hair is a dominant trait that makes it easier for breeders to retain the curls as they crossbreed the cats to maintain their genetic diversity. The Selkirk Rex can be short or long haired and they come In various colors. You need to brush them more often to keep their curls In check. poodle cats are not recommended for use by people with allergies. These cats are adorable a is evident in this Instagram post. Apart from their look that stands out, poodle cats also have a friendly, relaxed nature. They are excellent around people and other cats. They are also playful.

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