Nerf Makes a Blaster for Cats That Shoots Catnip Discs


Cat owners often wonder how a cat can sleep and preen as much as they do. Since our feline friends tend to sleep longer than their canine counterparts, it’s easy to overlook the need to carve out time to play each day with them. However, a cat who doesn’t play can suffer many different health issues, including becoming overweight and engaging in adverse behavioral problems to get the attention they are lacking. Cats are more active only when they want to be, and most sleep each day excessively. However, you may notice your cat is sleeping even more than usual. If you do, it’s time to start thinking of creative ways to help them get active. Aside from switching up their food or getting a scratching post, finding new toys may help them get more exercise. You can try battery-operated toys, which may engage their attention. Another option is to take time out of your schedule to play more together. One company found a way to streamline their product for busy pet owners who want to have a little fun and help their cats stay active.

Nerf Toys

Nerf is globally one of the most recognized toy brands. In 1969, the company designed an indoor football game which they tried to sell to Parker Brothers. However, the company wasn’t interested in the game, only the ball. Reyn Guyer’s invention was a 4-inch polyurethane ball designed to be used indoors without breaking anything. In 1970, Parker Brother’s began selling it as the “Nerf ball.” Twenty years later, Nerf started making their most famous products, blasters, and guns, utilizing the same material, allowing people to use them indoors. Other developments followed, including a Bow and Arrow. Now, they have taken that technology into the pet industry. Nerf began expanding its pet toy offerings in 2021. They have an entire site devoted to Nerf dog toys, including balls, tug toys, and other standard puppy favorites. Additionally, you can find a handful of cat toys on Petco’s site. Yet, now Nerf is going a little outside the litter box and creating a blast toy that shoots catnip discs instead of the company’s regular foam darts.

Nerf for Cats

Even though the company was a little slower to find a toy cats might enjoy, the Nerf Cat Blaster is worthy of Nerf’s long line. The two main features of the toy are its ability to shoot catnip discs and a battery-operated laser pointer. Most cats respond well to both of these things. Additionally, few cats can resist the tempting smell of catnip. The blaster is spring-loaded and comes with three different catnip discs. The company added that the toy might not be great for full-grown cats because the discs only shoot approximately ten feet. Additionally, this toy requires more caution in the house because they are discs and not Nerf’s patented foam objects. One of the fun things about the toy is it reimagines some of Nerf’s earlier toys for a cat. The company promotes it as a way to help your cat play out their natural hunting instincts. According to MSN, if your cat likes things that speed across the room, this will captivate their attention. Additionally, much like treat puzzles, the toy encourages cats to put some energy into receiving their treats. If you have dogs, you could pair it with a nerf tennis ball blaster and give all the four-leggeds in your house a good workout. Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of Nerf’s latest innovation.

Mixed Reviews

Even though the concept for the toy seems solid, many consumers feel the toy doesn’t quite match the ones marketed for dogs. According to Gizmodo, the laser pointer on the blaster is relatively large, which means your cat may not chase it since it looks like a blur instead of a red dot-like most laser pointers. Moreover, the toy has a relatively low price point, just under $15, so it doesn’t set the world on fire with technology. Some people suggest purchasing the discs individually and using them like you would a frisbee. Slash Gear also felt a few features were lacking on the toy. Like other reviews, they noted the laser light is less a pointer and more like a LED light. Additionally, they felt that the blaster’s overall mechanisms were similar to a rubber band gun. They felt another thing that might have been a good addition was a mold for making catnip discs. However, they noted that some of Nerf’s dog offerings might also give your cat enjoyment at the end of the review. After all, the company has created many cheerful pet toys, and over time will undoubtedly work out the kinks with this cat toy.

Final Thoughts

Nerf’s idea for a cat toy is a step up from the traditional dangling toy many cat owners purchase for their cats. However, it lacks some of the punch found in other toys. It’s understandable since cats are much pickier about their playthings than dogs despite their love of boxes and bottle tops. Nonetheless, the Nerf Catnip Blaster will help cat owners give their feline something else to do besides sun and bathe. It’s also an excellent excuse to pull out a Nerf toy and enjoy a stroll down memory lane. You and your cat will both enjoy this toy, even if it is a little lower tech than other Nerf innovations. As Champfleury said, “a kitten is the delight of a household. All-day long, a comedy is played out by an incomparable actor.” Cat owners who want to see some of this are action can purchase the Nerf Catnip Blaster here. It’s sure to make you and your cat smile and give you some fun times and enjoyment together.

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