Here’s How to Find Out if Your Cat Loves You

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We all have probably wondered if our feline friends love us or not.  As a cat owner I personally wondered about my pet’s behavior and why they do what they do.  In the video below, you will find six great tips that will help you figure out your animal’s behavior and really know if they are showing you affection or just reacting to your touch.

So Why Does My Pet Drool When I Rub Her Head?

Drooling combined with purring is a sign that your kitty in fact does love you.  While it’s not known exactly why they show their affection by drooling, it’s a sure sign they are in love with you.  You might notice this happening while they are sitting next to you or right before bedtime.

When They Watch TV with You It’s a Sure Sign They Care

Felines don’t normally like to watch TV when their isn’t a bird or another animal on the screen.  So if you are watching a horror movie or a cartoon and your pet kitty is cozied up with you on the sofa, it’s a safe bet they are doing it out of love.  But be warned you might have to share the popcorn so make sure to bring a pet friendly treat with you before you sit down.

They Bring You A Gift to Your Front Door

While many of you will probably be freak out when you see a dead mouse or bird at your doorstep,  it’s safe to say it came from your pet kitty.  They will often bring these gifts to your door as a sign of love and appreciation. But if they do make sure to properly dispose of it before the neighbors see it.

The video below will give you three more great ways to tell if your cat loves you or not.  This cute little video will give you plenty of examples of what we have discussed here today, so make sure to check it out before you leave. It’s a great way to learn more about feline behavior and is fun to watch at the same time.

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