10 Things We’ll Miss Most About Lil’ Bub

If you keep up with the internet, more so the social media platforms, then you have a slight idea of who Lil’ Bub is. If not, she was a celebrity cat who made the days of many internet users worth her unique looks, described as cute. ‘Was’ is the right tense as she is no longer with us as she passed on in the dawn of 1st December 2019. Lil’ Bub died in her sleep, at around the same time she was battling a severe bone infection. She had a genetic problem resulting in the malformation of her limbs and jaw, which worked to her advantage to give her a unique look. Below are ten things we are going to miss most about Lil’ Bub in the face of her untimely death.

1. The Playful Tongue Out Pose

One of the things that endeared Lil’ Bub to a huge following is the tongue out pose she used to spot. According to BBC, Bub always had her tongue out due to a genetic condition. The condition had her jaw undeveloped and missing teeth; hence, the tongue-out pose was her signature. The cute pose, however, is no longer with us, and we will be reminiscing over the old adorable pictures.

2. The Triumphant Narrative

When you looked at the Lil’ fellow for the first time, you would notice that behind the smile was a cloud of disability. She was born to a feral cat, described as the runt of the litter, and she came with some genetic disorders affecting her bones. The happy Bub soon got a keeper in Mike Bridavsky, who adopted her as it was difficult getting her a home. It is impressive how she got into the limelight and kept enchanting several followers with her signature smile.

3. Bub’s Social Media Posts

Courtesy of Mike, her caretaker, Lil’ Bub, had a quite active social media presence, notably on Instagram. She amassed an impressive following of roughly 2.5 million followers. Her posts usually went viral, receiving over 200000 likes. The attribute of this substantial traffic goes to her charming looks. With the news of her recent demise, it means we won’t be seeing her recent photos rather the old nostalgia-invoking snaps. The posts warmed a lot more, so the videos showcasing a day in her life, with Mike watching closely.

4. Subsequent Airings Of Lil’ Bub And Friends

Lil’ Bub and friendz was a heartwarming documentary as described by Vice. The documentary was critically acclaimed, receiving a rating of 6.8/10 on IMDb, which is quite a decent score. The show follows Lil’ and her owner Bridavsky, as they visit other celebrity cats. It follows their forays as they head to Minneapolis, Minnesota, for the debut Internet Cat Film Festival. The film features other cat celebrities such as Grumpy Cat and Nyan Cat. Though only showcased once, fans were hoping for subsequent filming. It seems there is no hope at this moment unless there was a prerecorded stint.

5. Bub And Mike’s Meet And Greets

Most celebrities arrange meet and greets with their fans to interact with them and maybe sign autographs to them. Such meet-ups present an excellent opportunity for fans to meet their idols and get acquainted with them on a personal level. Bub and mike used to organize such events with their followers. An example of such an occasion is present on Patch.

6. Animal Rescue Donations

Still, on the meet and greets, another thing fans will miss is the animal rescue donations. During the fan meet-up, funds were raised aimed at helping animals in rescue shelters. Considering Lil’ Bub herself was a recipient of such accommodations, the donations used to be a worthy move to help other animals in such homes. A suitable move would be to have a donor program to celebrate the legacy of the friendly cat, to continue the goodwill to animal shelters.

7. Her Resiliency Feats

As earlier indicated, Bub was born with some genetic disorders that punctuated her life. The anomaly came to haunt her at various points resulting in her hospitalization. One thing that endeared several fans to her was her resilient spirit, even in the face of illness. According to NBC, mike opines that Bub never showed any signs of giving up and would pick on as if everything was okay. We will surely miss these encouraging feats that made her lovable.

8. Media Appearances

Apart from the social media presence, Lil’ also made numerous appearances on print and television. She was such a darling from the initial days after her picture with Brivalsky went viral. Among the many shows, she graced include Good Morning America, a photoshoot with Bullet Magazine as well as a feature in Bloom Magazine. Others include an appearance in the 2016 film, Nine Lives.

9. Lil’ Bub Memes

When her pictures first appeared to the public, circa 2012, many memes came with her as the subject. Despite her owner not appreciative of being the subject of memes, she featured in quite a number with her expression bringing out a funny side. Though the memes may continue going in circulation in various platforms, her death will go with a specific aspect of humor etched on them.

10. Bub And Grump Association

Both Bub and Grumpy cat were pioneers in the cat-celebrity aspect. The two were associated together with many photos of them decorating various platforms on the internet. The sad news is that the two are no more as Grump passed on earlier in May. There was some chemistry between the two, as witnessed in the documentary, Lil’ Bub and Friendz. So sad to lose two fuzzy celebrities in such a short span.


Sad news broke a week ago on the loss of Lil’ Bub, a celebrity cat. Mike Bridavsky, her owner, shared news of her demise on the feline’s Instagram page and was met with condolence messages from her 2.4 million followers. We are going to miss a lot about her as she transitions to paradise.

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