10 Ways Your Cat Will Show their Distaste for a House Guest


Cats are extraordinary creatures that always seem so judgmental and a little bit aloof. Probably because they are judgmental and aloof, but that is not the point. The point is that your cat is going to show you, rather obviously, when something is not going his or her way. A cat that does not want something done a certain way, isn’t happy about the way something is going or is just annoyed at the outcome of a situation is not going to try and hide his or her feelings. The same goes for houseguests. If you’re the kind of person who likes to have people over for long weekends, for holidays or even just for a quick two-hour visit, your cat is going to ensure that you know he or she is not happy about your houseguests. But how will you recognize your cat’s displeasure? Easy; but we’ll tell you anyway to make things just a bit more obvious to you.

The Cat Hisses

Cats that hiss are usually cats that are not happy. It’s not even really a big deal; it’s just what it is. Your cat might not love houseguests, so the cat might hiss at the guests each and every time the guests walk by. Your cat will do this with a very judgmental look on his or her face, narrowed eyes and a very palpable hatred in his or her expression. It’s kind of what most of us want to do but can’t since we have to be appropriate.

The Cat Scratches

If you have a cat that does not typically scratch, but finds itself swatting at your guests on a regular basis, it’s probably because he hates the guests. It happens. Cats are not always big fans of other people, and when they notice that your guests don’t seem to be leaving, the cat might become even more obnoxious and difficult to deal with than you think.

The Cat Attacks

Cats aren’t usually very aggressive, so when your cat is aggressive with houseguests, chances are good that it’s upset. Your cat might jump at people when they are sitting, swat, hiss and try to attack them when they are walking, sleeping or just trying to go about their business. Cats are not big fans of people in general, and this behavior might show that to be quite obvious.

The Cat Hides

Cats that are not happy with people in your house might hide for days on end. If you don’t see the cat for a few days, it could be because the cat is unhappy with the turn of events in his or her life. The cat might not understand that people aren’t staying forever, so he or she will hide and pout and behave like a small child not getting his or her way.

The Cat’s Hair Stands Up

Cats don’t like certain things. When they don’t like certain things, they might notice their hair begins to rise. If your cat seems to have its hair risen when it’s near your houseguests, chances are good that your cat is not happy with that person’s presence. If it’s only happening around that person, you know for certain that the cat hates this person.

The Cat Keeps the Guests Up

Cats are kind of mean if they want to be. A cat that hates the guests in your house might make it his life goal to keep those guests awake when they are attempting sleep. This is a cat that might meow, hiss, jump on people in bed, knead them, claw at them and make it a goal to keep people from sleeping. It’s mean, but cats see this as a sort of revenge for their presence.

The Cat Will Wait for Guests

Your cat might lay in wait for people to walk by just so that it can be rude. It might do this so that it can hiss in their ears and scare them, so that it can bat at them with its declawed arms or so that it can actually attack. Cats that wait for guests and then treat them poorly when they go by absolutely hate your guests and want them to leave their house immediately.

The Cat Will Stop Using the Litter Box

Not all cats will do this, and most will be a little bit less obvious about their hatred. However, it’s not uncommon for cats to stop using their litter box when there is a house guest on the premise that they do not like. This is a cat that might start using the bathroom anywhere in the house to show its displeasure, or it might purposefully use the bathroom on the belongings or sleeping area of a houseguest to be more direct about the hatred the cat feels for the person it feels is in its space.

The Cat Will Destroy Property

Cats might do this. It’s more of a dog thing to do, but cats are not above destroying things that make them unhappy. For example, a cat that does not like having people around might make it a goal to make that person miserable by chewing on its shoes, using the bathroom on their bed and making a mess of their belongings. If the cat can get small things off of dressers or countertops, it might go that route. It might knock things off and then take them, hide them or destroy them to show how much it hates that person being there.

The Cat Will Not Move

Cats are, actually, kind of petty when you think about. They will treat you poorly and then get over it when it feels that it’s worth getting over. A cat that hates your houseguests might just make it a point to go ahead and sit somewhere important to a guest and then refuse to move. For example, a cat might sit on their shoes and then refuse to get up when the person needs the shoes. It might do the same thing to the bed, pillows and other important things to people who are staying with you.

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