13 Questions to Prepare for your Cat’s Vet Visit


Cat owners out there know that it’s extremely important to be prepared for any vet visit you attend.   But if it’s the first time you’ve gone or even the 100th knowing the answers to certain questions about your cat before your visit can help the process (and diagnosis) that much more.  The ASPCA has come up with a list of 13 important you should be prepared to answer at your next vet visit.   We’ve decided to share these questions in the following pages.  Remember, you have to always be prepared to take care of your baby!


1) How long have you had your cat?


2) Where did you get your cat?


3) Has your cat been vaccinated? Against what diseases?


4) What brand of pet food do you feed your cat?

hungry cat

5) Is your cat’s appetite normal? How much does he eat?


6) How much water does your cat drink?


7) Is your cat urinating and defecating regularly? Does he use the litter box every time?


8) What kind of litter do you use?


9) Is your cat displaying any of the following symptoms: Coughing? Sneezing? Vomiting? Diarrhea?


10) Has your cat lost or gained weight recently?


11) Have you noticed any significant changes in your cat’s behavior? (i.e. Is he vocalizing more than usual? Is he seeking more attention from you? Is he acting uncharacteristically aggressive?)


12) Does your cat spend time outside?


13) Has your cat ever suffered a serious health issue? If so, what treatment did he receive?

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