20 Cats Who Prefer Dogs to Pillows

cats and dogs

Cats have a mind of their own. They do what they want, when they want. Dogs are more obedient and tend to listen. They view the people in the house as their masters, whereas cats view people as their minions. They also view dogs as their minions. Something about the way cats look at dogs says, “You are not smart, and I will control you. Do what I say,” and something about the way a dog looks on with excitement seems to convey the message, “Yes, cat! Whatever you say!” And that’s why these cats have no problem getting their dogs to fall in line and act as pillows for them. They rule the house. The dogs are just there for their own entertainment, convenience and comfort.  And each of these cats has managed to convince their dog that it is a pillow.

Photo by Getty Images

The kids will never find me here, by the dog’s bottom. Where kids never go. Ever. 


Photo by Reddit

Do you see what I have to put up with? It’s not easy being too lazy to move. 


Photo by Instagram

What up? You have a problem with me? Yeah? Bring it on. I dare you. I double dog dare you. 


Photo by Funnypictures.net

In my next life I want to be a big dog. All the other dogs are bigger than the cat and it’s just not fair. 


Photo by Deean Hollis

Whatever. I’m too tired to care. 

cat 1

Photo by Funnypictures.net

I mean, she could be my mommy. We are the same color…


Photo by Instagram

I don’t even care if this dog hates me. He’s too comfortable and I’m not moving. 


Photo by Picsearch 

Stupid dog. I’m not sticking my face in the dirt. 


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After hours of chasing one another around the house in attack mode, they collapsed in a heap too tired to bother anymore. 


Photo by Oyvind Lilleberg

What the hell is this thing on my bottom? 


Photo by Instagram

I’m scared. They said it’s a cat, but I’ve seen a tiger and I’m not convinced. Those things get big and I’m getting on its good side now. 


Photo by OneGreenPlanet.org

I wish they’d stop shaving the dog so I wouldn’t have to serve as his blanket in the cold. 


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Cat – I’ve captured the dog, and you can have him back only if you give me the all the food. 

Dog – GIVE HIM THE FOOD! GIVE IT TO HIM NOW! Can’t you see he’s going to kill me?!


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Whatever. It’s warm. 


Photo by Imgur

Hey, Midnight, you think sitting on the dog is worse than us being black cats crossing his path? I mean, we owe him for eating all our food and stuff. 


Photo by Instagram

We go together like rama lama lama…the people that wrote Grease knew what they were talking aobut. 


Photo by MatinLemieux.blogspot

The dog is all right. But if he stops breathing, I’m not going to be that upset, to be honest. 


Photo by Instagram

Will you be my mommy? I love you. 


Photo by Gaston Enria

It’s all right kitty. No one’s going to mess with you if you sit right here. 


Photo by Instagram

This dog is so dumb he has no idea he thinks he’s a scaredy cat. So annoying. I bet he has no idea he’s laying on a black cat and what that means. Dogs…


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