20 Things You Didn’t Know About the Aegean Cat

Each cat breed has different physical characteristics and personality traits. Cat lovers differ in which of these traits and characteristics they find appealing. Therefore, not every breed of cat will suit every person. To find a cat that suits your preferences, you should find out as much as you can about the breed. Doing so will help you to decide if the cat is a good match for you and your lifestyle. One breed that you may consider is the Aegean Cat. If this is a breed you are considering, here are 20 things you might not know about the Aegean Cat to help you decide.

1. It Originates from Greece

Aegean Cats are one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds. There is evidence of their existence as long as 10,000 years ago. They originate from the Greek Cycladic Islands in the Aegean Sea, hence their name. If you visit Greece or Turkey, you will see feral Aegean Cats on the streets, and they are considered a national treasure in Greece. Although the Aegean is a cat found in large numbers in its home country, they are rare elsewhere in the world. Those that live in North America have usually been adopted from Greece or Turkey following a vacation.

2. They Have Only Been Identified as a Cat Breed in Recent Decades

Despite the evidence that Aegean Cats have existed for around 10,000 years, they were not identified as a distinctive cat breed until relatively recently. It is only in the last few decades that they have been given status as a breed. There is some evidence suggesting that they are related to the Angora, a Turkish cat breed.

3. They Were Used as Shipmates

Aegean Cats have excellent mousing instincts, and this is probably why they were popularly taken on fishing vessels. These cats were taken from the Cycladic Islands’ fishing ports and used to catch mice and rats on ships. They were also excellent companions for the fishermen as they are a sociable cat breed. It is likely that working on ships is how Aegean Cats traveled from the Cycladic Islands to mainland Greece and Turkey. The hunting instincts of this cat breed mean that they are also popular amongst people who live on farms or homesteads, as the cats can become working animals keeping the barns free of rodents.

4. Aegean Cats are Considered a Natural Breed

Aegean Cats are a natural breed, which means that the breed has developed without selective breeding or human interference. However, it is a breed that has been domesticated for centuries, and it has adapted well to living with humans. It is only in recent years that the Aegean cat has been bred systematically.

5. They Are Not on Official Cat Registers

There are no official cat registers that recognize the Aegean as an official breed, despite this cat being one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds in the world. Some of the registry bodies that do not include Aegean Cats are The International Cat Association and The Cat Fanciers Association. A possible reason for this is that they are rare anywhere other than the Cycladic Islands, mainland Greece, and Turkey. You will not find many of these cats in North America. It is possible that this cat breed may appear on cat registries in the future.

6. Aegean Cats Have a Bicolor or Tricolor Coat

The coat of an Aegean Cat is tricolor. Although the predominant color is white, the other colors can vary from one cat to the next. Some of the common colors are red, blue, black, and cream. There are also some Aegean Cats with tabby markings rather than just solid patches of color.

7. Their Eyes Are Distinctive

Each cat breed has physical characteristics that make it differ from other cat breeds. One of the most distinctive features of Aegean Cats is their eyes, which are almond-shaped and usually bright green. Some Aegean Cats may have blue or gold eyes, although green eyes are more common. Their distinctive eyes are one of the reasons that many cat lovers find Aegean Cats an endearing breed.

8. They Are Free from Most Genetic Diseases

Some cat breeds are known for suffering from genetic diseases. However, Aegean Cats are free from most genetic diseases. The lack of genetic conditions is thanks to the breed to developing naturally, rather than through selective breeding. However, just because Aegean Cats are less likely to suffer from genetic diseases, it does not mean that they will not experience any health problems during their lifetime.

9. Aegean Cats Love Water

Stereotypically, cats hate water. This is true in many cases, and it is something many cat owners have experienced while trying to bath their cats. However, Aegean Cats are one of the cat breeds that love the water. In their natural habitat, they are known for spending a lot of time around the fishing ports. If you have an Aegean Cat, they may love bath time and even go swimming if you live near a river or lake. They will also go fishing to catch fish. If you have a pond or aquarium, then you should note that it is important to protect the fish from the cat, says Vet Street.

10. They Love to Sunbathe

Although you can keep an Aegean Cat in most climates, they are ideally suited to living in a warm climate. Their love for warm weather probably comes from their origins, as the Cycladic Islands, Greece, and Turkey have year-round warm weather. When the sun is out, you may find that your Aegean Cat likes to lie out in the yard sunbathing.

11. Aegean Cats Are Suitable for Family Life

Some pets love being around children, while others can pose a threat. If you have children, it is always best to check how well a species or breed adapts to family life before risking having them around your children. The Aegean Cat is a good option for families, as they have a sociable and gentle nature. They are not an aggressive species and are not known for being scratchers or biters. However, like all animals, they may defend themselves if they feel frightened or threatened. Most Aegean cats love people, so they enjoy spending time with their human family. Despite their loving nature, it is always best to supervise early interactions between children and any pet to make sure things go well. It is also an opportunity to set boundaries for your children regarding how they handle or interact with your cat.

12. Most Are Happy to Live with Other Animals

Another consideration to make when deciding whether to welcome an Aegean Cat into your home is how they will interact with any other pets in your household. Although it may differ from one cat to the next, most Aegean Cats are happy to live with other cats. Furthermore, most can live happily alongside dogs. However, just because an Aegean Cat is accepting of other pets, it does not mean that your existing pets will take the same attitude, and this is something to consider carefully before adding another cat to your household. Due to the natural fishing and hunting instincts of Aegean Cats, you should take care if you keep fish or small pets, such as rodents.

13. They Shed a Lot

This cat breed has a medium-long coat. As this is a semi-longhaired breed, they will shed a lot during the summer months so that they can cool off. Their coat will then grow thick again in the winter months. Many domesticated Aegean Cats will shed all year round, and this is because artificial light interferes with their natural fur growth patterns. The high-level of shedding is potentially an issue if you are not a fan of hoovering.

14. Aegean Cats Have Specific Grooming Requirements

Due to the high level of shedding, you will need to groom your cat regularly to get rid of excess hair and keep their coat healthy. Use a wire slicker brush to groom the cat thoroughly at least once a week. Brushing your cat is not the only element of a good grooming routine, as there are several other tasks. Cleaning their teeth is essential to maintain good dental health. You should also trim their claws regularly, especially if they are an indoor cat, as their claws will not wear down naturally if they do not go outside. It is helpful if your cat has a scratching post to keep their nails trim. It is best to start this grooming routine while your cat is still a kitten so that your cat can become accustomed to each of the elements.

15. They Need Their Ears Cleaning Regularly

A further task is keeping their ears clean. The grooves in your cat’s outer ear can soon become clogged up with dirt and wax, and this can lead to ear infections. Use a damp cloth or tissue to wipe around their ear and never poke anything inside the ear canal. If your cat does develop an ear infection, then you should contact your vet immediately. In most cases, ear infections are treated with antibiotics and painkillers.

16. They Are Vocal Cats

One of the notable behaviors of the Aegean Cat is its vocalization. While some cat breeds make very little noise, the Aegean Cat is a breed that likes to express itself vocally. It may often seem like your cat is trying to talk to you, as they will make a wide range of noises while attempting to communicate with their owners. They are also communicative when they meet other cats, and may greet other felines by purring, meowing, or even yowling.

17. They Are a Medium-Sized Cat Breed

The Agean Cat is a medium-sized breed. According to The Great Cat, an Aegean Cat will typically weigh between eight pounds and 12 pounds. In most cases, males are heavier than females, although that is not always the case. A cat’s weight is also affected by diet and exercise, so feeding them a healthy diet and making sure they have exercise opportunities is essential. A poor diet and a lack of activity will lead to obesity, which will negatively impact your cat’s health. Your vet can advise you about weight, diet, and exercise.

18. They Have Distinctive Physical Characteristics

Some distinctive physical characteristics can help you to identify Aegean Cats. The first of these is their lean body, which has a muscular appearance. Another distinctive feature is their large, round paws. The tail of an Aegean Cat is long, and some cats’ tails have a hooked appearance. Their ears are pointed with a wide base and rounded tips. Usually, their ears are covered in fur.

19. Aegean Cats Are a Resilient Breed

According to Vio Vet, the Aegean Cat is a resilient breed. They can live in most climates and conditions. Aegean Cats are suitable for apartment living, as they do not mind living permanently indoors. However, if you keep a cat in an apartment, make sure they have lots of toys so they can keep active. Aegean Cats are also suitable for the outdoor lifestyle., although it is best if you have a closed-in yard to contain your cat rather than allowing it to roam wild.

20. They Can Live for Up to 15 Years

The typical lifespan of an Agean Cat is between 13 and 15 years. However, many factors can impact their life expectancy. Some of these include general health, diet, and activity levels. To make sure your cat lives a long and happy life, you should feed them a healthy, balanced diet, and make sure they are active. It is also crucial that your cat has its vaccinations and regular checkups with a vet to maintain good health

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