10 Things You Didn’t Know about Maine Coon Cats


It’s big, it’s bold and it’s beautiful; we can only be speaking of the Maine Coon. This gorgeous cat is one that is so lovely, so beautiful and so unique that it simply cannot be mistaken for another. With its ruff, it’s lion-esque appearance and it’s beauty, it’s a cat easy to fall in love with and even easier to love forever. But it’s not your average cat. It has its own special set of needs and requirements, its own temperaments and its own quirks. It is, as they say, its own kind of breed. And we have 10 interesting facts you just did not know about this gorgeous breed right here for your entertainment.


They’re not Half Raccoon

There is a myth that this particular breed is related in some way to the raccoon, and it’s just not the truth. The name is from something else, not heritage to the animal that so loves to hang out by garages and trash cans and make a mess of your trash in the middle of the night by chewing through your cans or knocking them over and pawing at them until the tops come off and they can efficiently dig through your trash like little scavengers.


It’s One of the Oldest Breeds

Did you know that there is such thing as a natural breed and a breed that was created? A natural breed is a cat that derived many years ago from what we can only assume are natural resources. It wasn’t mixed with another cat to create this beautiful breed as far as any researchers can tell. It’s native to Maine, which is where its name derives, and it’s just one of those animals so pretty you can’t deny that having one would be awesome.


It’s the Only US Show Cat

There are many show cat breeds that head to shows every single year to show off their beauty and their breeding, and they are the only one that originates from the United States. It’s believed that the Maine Coon is a cat that managed to create from some of the cats that came over many centuries ago from Europe, and it’s the only cat that originates from the US to be in shows.


It’s the Biggest Domestic Cat

This is the biggest cat to originate from the US. The only cats bigger would be the ones you find in the jungle or the zoo, and those don’t make quite the same kind of pet at the Maine Coon. In fact, they probably don’t make good pets at all. But this breed, however, makes a great pet. Just know that the male version can reach upwards of 18 pounds and the female is not that far behind her male counterpart.


They Love to Swim

Here is a fun fact about this particular breed; it loves to swim. Cats are not known for their love of water. In fact, they’re known for quite the opposite. However, this particular breed is actually quite fond of the water and will spend time swimming very proficiently. It’s got a water resistant coat and a tolerance for swimming that many other cats lack, which is why it’s such a water friendly animal.


They’re Winter Ready

These are cats that have come from the East Coast and spent their entire lives living here. They have paws and a coat that are always ready for a good romp in the snow since this is a breed that is designed to do just that. The cat has to live in weather that’s a little bit colder than some are used to, which is why it’s body is designed to make that as comfortable as possible for their own good health and comfort.


They Don’t Meow

Did you know that the Maine Coon is not a cat that meows? Don’t get too excited, though. It does make noise. In fact, it might make a noise that either drives you completely nuts or that you find endearing. There’s no real in between as far as this breed is concerned. It sort of chirps or trills a bit like a bird, and you will first wonder what on earth is making the noise that you hear. It might take you a few moments to realize your cat is actually more like a bird as far as its noises than it is a cat.


They’re Very Dog-Like

So the Maine Coon sounds like a bird, looks like a cat and acts like a dog. It’s big, it has no problem being walked on a leash and it actually has no issue playing catch and fetch, either. It’s a fun breed and many people really enjoy what it has to offer. It’s also very friendly and social, and it loves to spend time with people, so it’s considered the doggiest-cat of them all in the world of big cats and small dogs.


They’re Not Crazy about Heights

There is no evidence that this particular breed has an actual issue with heights, but they do prefer to stay low. This is a bit unlike other cats since they are typically known to want to be as high as possible. This vantage point allows them to see all that’s happening, and it keeps them away from prying little hands and the people that are on the ground. Most cats like to perch as high as possible, and the Maine Coon would rather stay low and close to the floor.


They’re Very Playful

All cats are a bit playful, but many of them grow out of this stage when they are kittens. This breed, however, never really grows out of the playful stage. It loves to be with people, to play with people and to act a little silly. It’s a mature cat that still manages to be a bit of a kitten for the duration of its life and it just happens that people love this fact and that’s why so many enjoy this breed.

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