10 Great Songs That Were Written About Cats

Janet Jackson Black Cat

Songwriters and musical artists take their inspiration from a wide variety of sources. This is usually something from their everyday lives that people can relate to or something that will make the tune catchy and memorable. One subject about which there are many songs about is animals and one of the most popular choices is cats. In fact, it may surprise you when you realize just how many famous songs there are that include cats in their title or are about this cute pet. Here are just ten songs that are written about cats.

1. What’s New Pussycat?- Tom Jones

Probably the best-known song featuring a cat is Tom Jones’ 1965 hit single ‘What’s New Pussycat?’. This was also the title track to the 1965 film of the same name that starred Peter Sellers. It peaked at number 11 in the UK and at number three in the United States. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1966.

2. Cat Daddy- The Rej3ctz

This 2011 track was released by the hip-hop group The Rej3ctz and was based on a dance of the same name. It peaked at number 77 on the Hot R&B/ Hip-Hop Songs chart. The video for the song became a viral hit the year after its release when model Kate Upton posted her version of the dance on YouTube and attracted a lot of attention for both herself and The Rej3ctz.

3. Look What the Cat Dragged In- Poison

‘Look What the Cat Dragged In’ is a song on the album of the same name by Poison. The band chose not to release this song as a single, but it is still one of their most popular tunes. It is also one they play at their live concerts.

4. Black Cat- Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson released the rock song ‘Black Cat in 1989. This single is a rather different style to many of her other releases as it features power guitar sections. It is the sixth single from her fourth album ‘Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814’.

5. The Siamese Cat Song- Peggy Lee

The Siamese Cats were characters from the 1955 Disney animated film ‘Lady and the Tramp’. They were so important to the storyline that they even got their own song which was performed by singer Peggy Lee.

6. Stray Cat Strut- Stray Cats

‘Stray Cat Strut’ was the third single released by the rockabilly band Stray Cats. They released this in the UK in 1981 and it peaked at number 11 in the UK charts. The following year, they released it in the United States and it peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

7. Year of the Cat- Al Stewart

‘Year of the Cat’ is a 1971 single by Scottish singer and songwriter Al Stewart. It was the lead single on the album of the same name which was released in the same year. It became a number one hit and sold over a million copies.

8. Cat’s in the Cradle- Harry Chapin

Harry Chapin released the single ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’ in 1974. It is based on a poem that was written by his wife. When their son was born, he was inspired to take the words from the poem and put them with a folk tune. It hit the top spot in the Billboard Hot 100. It is a track that appears on the album ‘Verities & Balderdash’.

9. Cat Scratch Fever- Ted Nugent

‘Cat Scratch Fever’ is the 1977 title song that appears on the album of the same name by hard rock star Ted Nugent. The single peaked at number 30 on the Billboard Hot 100, while the album peaked at number 17 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

10. Mean-Eyed Cat- Johnny Cash

‘Mean-Eyed Cat’ is a love song released by Country artist Johnny Cash in 1960. It was a track which appeared on the album ‘American II: Unchained’. This album received a Grammy Award for Best Country Album. The single also appears on the album ‘Sings Hank Williams’ in the same year.

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