The 10 Best Maine Coon Breeders in Ohio

The Maine Coon took a serious hit to its popularity when Americans started importing long-haired cats in large numbers in the early 20th century. However, that was a long time ago. Nowadays, the Maine Coon is either the most popular or one of the most popular cat breeds in the United States and beyond. Thanks to that, if you want one of these cats, you should have no problem finding Maine Coon breeders in Ohio.

Here are 10 of the best Maine Coon breeders in Ohio:

10. Muse Coons Cattery – Beavercreek, OH

Muse Coons Cattery is on the smaller end of things. Even so, it takes its cat breeding very seriously. For instance, its kittens come with training, socialization, worming, vaccination, and a veterinary check-up, thus increasing the kittens’ chances of living long and living well. Furthermore, Muse Coons Cattery is willing to answer cat-related questions directed toward it by its clients. That is useful because cat breeders tend to know much about handling the responsibilities of cat ownership.

9. BekkrAmee Maine Coon Cattery – Bowling Green, OH

BekkrAmee Maine Coon Cattery is another small cattery. It is interesting in that it raises its cats in a household with not one but two Golden Retrievers. As a result, if you want a Maine Coon that gets along well with dogs, you should include BekkrAmee Maine Coon Cattery on your list of cat breeders to check out.

8. Maine Villa Cattery – Wadsworth, OH

Chris Cotton runs Maine Villa Cattery. His operation is a small operation, which to be fair, is something he shares with most of the names on this list. After all, it isn’t necessarily a good idea to get a Maine Coon from a large cattery that produces a large number of kittens yearly. Instead, many people prefer Maine Coons from small, home-based catteries that hand-raise their kittens, if only because that tends to mean that each kitten receives a bigger share of attention. Maine Villa Cattery is an excellent example of such operations. It isn’t a coincidence that it has managed to win awards and other recognitions for its cat breeding efforts.

7. Waggs Coons – Portage Lakes, OH

Maine Coon breeders often started as Maine Coon lovers before something prompted them to become more involved. David and Suzie Wagoner of Waggs Coons fit this description to a tee. As the story goes, they adopted a Maine Coon kitten Suzie found behind the building where she worked in 2005. Sadly, that cat died at the age of five, which upset them so much that they decided to get another Maine Coon from Maine Lvrs Cattery. By 2011, David and Suzie Wagoner were getting their cattery off of the ground with assistance from Maine Lvrs Cattery and other Ohio-based cat breeders. Now, they are veteran cat breeders, meaning interested individuals should check out their website to see what they have to say.

6. Rickoons Cattery – Hudson, OH

The couple behind Rickoons Cattery are long-time cat breeders who often participate in cat shows and similar events. They have a strong interest in seeing their cats thrive. Due to that, Rickoons Cattery will require interested individuals to undergo a screening process, which makes sense considering the sheer effort it puts into making sure its kittens are happy and healthy.

5. Maine Lvrs Cattery – Mentor, OH

As mentioned earlier, Maine Lvrs Cattery is another veteran cat breeder that takes its cats’ well-being with the seriousness that the issue merits. Curiously, it seems to have had bad experiences with scammers. Thanks to that, it warns interested individuals to be careful while giving extra scrutiny to any offer that sounds too good to be true. You should heed this recommendation, particularly since scammers are perfectly willing to use stolen names, stolen photos, and appropriate-sounding phone numbers to trick would-be cat owners out of their hard-earned money.

4. Maine Delite Cattery – Columbus, OH

The person behind Maine Delite Cattery has been in the cat breeding business for two decades and counting. They are as serious about Maine Coons as the other cat breeders on this list. However, their edge is that they were a veterinary technician for more than 15 years, meaning they have valuable veterinary-related expertise and experience on top of their extensive knowledge of these animals.

3. Highlander Maine Coons – Columbus, OH

Besides being a cat breeder, Teresa Sweeney of Highlander Maine Coons is also a judge for the CFA. She has posted a list of principles on the website, which provides interested individuals with a fair amount of insight into her thinking. For example, Sweeney prizes both the cat’s look and the cat’s temperament, but if she had to choose between one or the other, she would choose to prioritize the cat’s temperament.

Similarly, Sweeney has no issues with recognizing the achievements of other cat breeders because she sees cat breeding as a competition with the self rather than a competition with others. If you like what you see on the website, you might want to get in touch with Highlander Maine Coons sooner rather than later.

2. Small Haus Maine Coons – Dayton, OH

Small Haus Maine Coons is run by the Small family. On top of that, it is one more example of the small-scale, home-based operations that dominate this list. Small Haus Maine Coons cares about health, temperament, and color in that order when breeding Maine Coons. In contrast, the size of the cats isn’t a consideration for it at all, which may or may not matter to you depending on your personal preferences. This cattery seems to be very well-liked. Still, you should remember that you should always be cautious when checking out cat breeders because you are making a major decision with serious consequences for you and your future cat. As such, you should never count on blind luck in such matters.

1. Angtini Cattery – Painesville, OH

Angtini Cattery is a home-based operation with more than two-and-a-half decades of Maine Coon breeding experience. It is proud of its ability to breed champion cats, but it is even prouder of its ability to breed healthy cats. Something that bodes well for anyone concerned about the long-term prospects of their Maine Coons. Please note that Angtini Cattery offers both pet cats and show cats to interested individuals.

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