Burmese Cats Are Truly a Breed All of Their Own


Burmese Cats are one of the most playful breeds of all felines. These spunky animals will play just as hard even when they reach old age.  Being so energetic is one reason why so many people love these cats. When it comes to temperament, these animals are very affectionate to both family and strangers alike.  One of the most loyal breeds, they need lots of attention from their owners and love to spend time with them.  Not a very independent animal, this breed needs to be around people and cannot be left alone for very long period of time.

So How Is This Breed Supposed To Look?

When it comes to breed standard, these animals are small to medium in size with a heavy muscular frame.  Very heavy when picked up, these felines should always fell bulky.  When it comes to the coat, it should feel silky when touched.  These animals should have very short hair and a solid color with hues including; seal, brown, sable, and cream just to name a few.  This wide range of colors will allow you to pick an animal of your choice.  If you favor a certain color you can often find breeders specializing in animals of that color.

What Health Issues Might Occur In These Felines?

Overall these animals are healthy in nature.  But genetic health issues do occur sporadically in some animals.  Some of the common health issues that surround this breed are Diabetes and Hypokalemia.  Both of these issues can become very serious if not properly treated by a veterinarian.  When it comes to Diabetes, pet owners will have to accept that this is a lifetime disease that needs to constantly be monitored. While not every animal will contract these diseases, it’s a good idea to be prepared for them if you are going to own one of these animals.

Would This Breed Make A Good Pet For Me?

This breed is truly a unique one in both appearance and temperament, so they might not be for everyone.  If you are a really busy person who is gone most of the day, these animals will definitely get lonely and often into trouble.  But if you have the time to take up with them they will make the most loving pet you have ever owned.  Also, be aware of the health issues that could occur and be prepared to give them the care they need.

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