Pros and Cons of the Ragdoll Cat Breed: Is it the Right Pet for You?

ragdoll cat

Cats: They either look at you in a manner that makes you feel as if you have absolutely no intelligence, or they adore you and love you and cuddle with you nonstop. You just never know with cats. We assume that they’re the smarter breed of house pet, but then we hear that dogs are actually far smarter than cats. But cats have perfected that, “You’re so unintelligent,” look so well that we doubt that they’re not as intelligent as dogs – or humans.

For some reason, despite the lack of self-confidence some cats provide their owners, we can’t help but love them, want them and we cannot stop ourselves from seeing one like the Ragdoll cat and falling madly in love. We are, as species, gluttons for punishment. The ragdoll cat is so pretty with its fluffy body and beautiful face.

It’s the kind of cat that can only be described as completely elegant. They have such graceful movements and eyes that look right into your soul – or at least look as if they can do just that. This lovely breed is so pretty that you are going to want to have one of your own. But before you go finding a breeder and paying big bucks for this cat, ask yourself if this particular cat is right for you. If you’re just not sure, let our list of pros and cons help you out a bit.

Pro – They’re Very Social

One of the biggest pros of having a ragdoll cat at home is the fact that this cat comes from a very social breed. This is not the type of pet that will sulk, hide or disappear when there are too many people in the room. This is a cat that is more prone to preening and showing off for attention. Additionally, it’s the kind of cat that loves all people, not just adults. It loves kids and adults equally, happy to be around people who are going to love him and not caring whether or not that person is an adult or a child. It’s a cat that loves affection and attention, and that’s very often what most pet owners are looking for in an animal to bring home.

Con – They Shed

These are cats with a long coat, which means they shed. The good news here is that they don’t shed so bad all the time. You can groom them by brushing them several times a week to help the shedding in your home. This helps remove the dead hair from the cat’s coat and deposit it into the brush rather than onto your floors, clothing and furniture. However, these cats will shed significantly more during the warmer months, which means summers might be a little brutal in terms of cat hair and shedding. And if you live somewhere with a warmer climate year round, you’re looking at more frequent shedding. This could be something that makes this cat a deal breaker for many potential cat owners.

Pro – Ragdoll Cats are Exceptionally Healthy

This is a breed that is not genetically predisposed to health issues that other cats tend to face throughout the course of their lives. In fact, this cat is so healthy you’ll very likely never require a trip to the vet other than to show up for annual visits or specialty appointments that you decide you want for the cat. It is important for potential ragdoll owners to understand that the cat’s genetics are good, but that no cat is free from the risk of cancer or other health problems of that sort. It does lack the common factors associated with some health issues, but any cat can develop a tumor or cancer, contract a disease from a tick or other animal or even become sick because its owner is not taking proper care of the cat.

Con – They Don’t Do Well Alone

Most cats are easy to leave to travel for a week or so. You get a continuous feeder and ask a family member or friend to do a check once or twice while you’re gone and all is well. The cat might act a little offended when you come home that you were gone for such a long period of time, but all will be well by the end of the day.

Not the ragdoll. Despite being a very independent cat that doesn’t require much maintenance, this is a cat that does not fare well on its own for long periods of time. You can leave the cat home to go to work, and maybe even an overnight trip after which you will be home the following day. However, this is certainly not a cat that will fare well for a long period of time. It can, if left too long unattended, become skittish, moody and upset. It takes a while for the cat’s personality to revert back to its usual state.

Pro – They’re Docile Cats

One of the biggest pros of owning a ragdoll is the fact that this cat is so very docile. Its nature is just that it has been part of the family for years. It won’t take three days before you feel that you’ve had this cat forever. It will show you so much love and affection, follow you around and keep a good eye on you. This is a breed that bonds with its new family members – all of them – and forms a long-lasting relationship with them very quickly.

You might have the cat a week before you feel that this is a member of your family you’ve had forever. Additionally, the cat is a member of your family. It will sit by the table when you eat, sleep near someone it loves, cuddle frequently and it will ‘watch’ over you when you’re busy around the house. But don’t let that make you feel that this cat is needy – it’s really not. It’s very independent and happy to play on its own or lie down by itself. The ragdoll is just the kind of cat that really loves its family and wants to be close.

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