20 Cat Breeds That Love to Eat


A fat cat sounds like something a bit more fun and adorable than it actually is. At the end of the day, a fat cat is one that’s going to provide you with a lot more problems than solutions, and we know that’s not what you want out of life. Fat cats are those that love to eat and love to pack on the pounds, but they are also the kinds of cats that need to take extra care with their health. A fat cat might be cute, but it’s expensive. Not only are you buying additional foods, you’re paying for additional healthcare and health issues. That’s why these 20 breeds need you to be very adamant about keeping them healthy and not allowing them to eat too much.

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According to American vets, people who own Persian cats like to baby them. They like to feed them and feed them and feed them, and the number one reason these cats are in need of veterinary care is that they are over fed and fat. Be careful with this breed. Not only are you not doing your cat any favors, you are also not doing your wallet any favors when you feed this cat too much. It’s a breed with significant health issues related to eating too much, so be careful.

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This is a gorgeous cat that’s quite large by nature, weighing as much as 20 pounds. However, it’s not considered healthy for these lively and beautiful cats to weigh more than this. But because it does have a high activity level and because it is a large cat, too many people feed this cat a bit too much, and that can be a problem.

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This is a large cat, and it does like to eat. But the problem here is not that the cat likes to eat so much as it is the fact that people like to feed this cat too much. Their intentions are not always bad, just misplaced. Because this is a large breed, people assume that it needs to eat more than it actually does, and this contributes to the obesity and weight problems that occur in the breed.

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turkish van

Turkish Van

A gorgeous cat, it is. But this breed loves to snack. It will graze all day long if given the opportunity, but it should not. The average weight for this cat is around 13 pounds, but too much more can mean big health problems. Big healthy problems can mean big veterinary bills and a shorter lifespan for your cat; so the simple fact is this. You should not feed this cat too much or you will certainly end up regretting your decision to do so.

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It’s a gorgeous cat, but because it’s big people think they need to feed it more than it needs. And there is something you should know; the cat is not going to turn down food if it is right in front of it. Most cats will not. And while there are some cats that will literally beg you for food like a toddler or a dog, this is a cat that might not go that far, but it will eat every bite placed in its bowl without thinking twice.

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The Savannah is one of the largest cat breeds around, and that makes it one of the most prone to obesity. This cat does like a good meal, but it’s not in need of extra good meals. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that when they are feeding their large cat. Do yourself a favor and do not overfeed your cat just because it is a large cat to begin with. Do what your vet tells you in terms of feeding your Savannah and it should stay healthy forever.

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This is a cat that has been developed to have the Sphynx’s hairless body and the munchkin’s short legs. And since both love to eat and one is very prone to health concerns because of its short legs, it’s even more important that you absolutely do not allow this cat to eat too much. It’s going to end up in the vet more often than not if you do, and that’s going to cause problems for those who have to pay for those bills, and those who want to keep their cats healthy and alive for a long time.

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These are some of the most adorable cats around, but that can be a problem when it comes to their diet. They have short legs, which leads to certain health issues common in animals with small legs. When you add to this a bit of additional weight, your cat can become very sick. So while this is a cat that does enjoy a good meal and isn’t likely to turn down additional treats or food, don’t feed it too often. Your cats health and future depends on your ability to tell it no when it comes to snacking and eating too much.

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It’s already a big cat, so it needs more food, right? Well, not entirely. It probably needs to eat more than some smaller cats, but it doesn’t get free reign on the dining plan. This is a very low-activity cat with a huge issue as far as laziness is concerned, and it can get quite fat. Especially since this is a breed that will actually eat anything you put in front of it. It’s not particularly picky.

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british shorthair

British Shorthair

This is a cat that is a bit larger than some, and it likes to eat. This means it could end up a bit heavier than is healthy. The good news is that it is not a lazy cat. The fact that it does like to get up and move means that you can easily rectify a diet that was a bit too much for the cat to handle and help it lose weight through exercise. Your cat’s health depends on your ability to help it lose weight and stay fit. Feed it on schedule and not more.

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exotic shorthair

Exotic Shorthair

This is a cat that is already on the big side. They can weigh, on average, as much as 15 pounds. They’re very sweet, and they’re lovely. However, they’re a bit lazy and that is troublesome when it comes to their diet and their good health. This is a breed that should not be given food whenever it stands near the bowl and whines for it. Feed this cat according to your vet’s instructions and you should be good to go.

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maine coon

Maine Coon

Did you know that this cat can get up to 25 pounds? It can, and that makes it a large cat. The problem, however, is that while this is a large and beautiful cat, it’s also the kind of cat that is just a little bit more than hungry on a regular basis. It does require a fuller diet than other breeds, but many people tend to overfeed this particular cat, and that never ends well as far as the overall health of the animal is concerned.

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norwegian forest cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

Just like the Maine Coon, this is a big cat. It’s so big, in fact, that it is often mistaken for a wild animal by those who simply do not know any better. And since it loves to eat, you have to be careful not to feed this breed too much. The good news is that if you do feed the cat a bit too often, you can make up for it by exercising with the cat. It’s a breed that does enjoy activity, so that’s good for its overall health in a house where it’s fed too much.

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The Siberian has not met a food it does not like. But let’s try and remember that while this cat does like foods a lot, it shouldn’t eat them all. Not only will eating everything in sight cause this cat to gain weight, it also causes them to have some health problems. These health issues can prove expensive and difficult to deal with, so it’s in your best interests to ensure that your cat is getting the best in terms of its good health.

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This is a breed with a very special body. It’s a bit stocky, which means that it’s the kind of cat that needs some special dietary considerations. This stocky shape the cat is so famous for makes it more prone to certain health issues, and that means you have to be especially careful of its diet so as not to exacerbate these health issues, such as spinal health concerns. Good luck and keep this cat healthy.

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A cat that has no hair has a little extra space for food, right? Wrong. And while I know you’re all thinking, “I’ve never seen a fat hairless cat,” don’t be fooled. This is a breed that loves to eat and will do it all day long. Leave nothing on the counter and make sure you are not feeding this cat more than is recommended. Talk to your vet if you have any questions or concerns regarding the overall health of this one.

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Colorpoint Shorthair

Most people mistake this breed for a Siamese since they look relatively similar, but it’s not. It is a relative of the Siamese, and you might say that it is the kind of fat relative of the Siamese. It’s also a cat that likes to eat a bit too much, and that can wreak havoc on its body. This is a cat that shouldn’t eat too much, and it means you’re going to have to learn how to say ‘no’ to your cat when it starts to give you the ‘feed me, please’ eye.

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american shorthair

American Shorthair

This is a hunting cat, and that means you might be able to trick it into getting a bit of exercise if starts to get a bit fat. This cat is known for its love of being able to chase smaller animals around, so a small mechanical mouse or something of that nature might help you keep this cat fit and toned. But be careful because it is the kind of cat that won’t hesitate to jump on the counter and help itself to dinner when it thinks you are not looking.

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peke face


It’s a cousin of the Persian, and it’s one that has a need to eat. It’s a lover of the food you give it, no matter what type of food it is. And with the special shape of this cat’s face, it’s almost a bit crazy to see that when it looks at you, its face says, “I’ll eat what I want,” and that sometimes makes it difficult to say no. But you do need to say no to this cat when it’s hungry outside of meal time. You want your cat to live with you for a long time so say no to it when it acts like all it wants to do is eat your entire kitchen.

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This is a lovely breed, and it’s well-known for being the kind of cat that gets along very well with kids and other animals. However, it’s a cat that’s very prone to obesity thanks to its love of food. This cat needs to eat a low-calorie diet filled with healthy foods, and it needs to eat in moderation. Too much food will mean that this cat is sick for a long period of time.

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