Cat Gets Really Upset at this Piece of Paper


Cats generally can have a pretty sensitive temperament and can often be moody, especially if something triggers them to get annoyed – much like people, but to another level! The trigger can be a person, another animal or pet, or even something as random as an inanimate object. When cats get mad, they definitely show it! There’s no hiding their emotions – they will let you when something is aggravating them and it will be loud and clear. It often happens when something is teasing or taunting them – like a human or another animal – or if they don’t understand something and it is considered foreign to them. Humans often get that way, but since cats can’t necessarily verbalize their frustrations, it can often get to be a big problem. In a viral video, one cat gets annoyed at a piece of paper and you can tell it is very upset.

In the video below, you can see a very fluffy gray and black striped kitty being quite aggravated at the piece of paper. The feline keeps pawing at it with a confused and bewildered look on its face. The adorable cat seems to be racking its brain as to what the paper thing is and it also seems to have an expectation of more things with it other than the single piece of paper. While pawing at the paper, it looks under the paper, with a look that clearly asks, “Is that it?” The kitty looks more confused than angry at the beginning, but at one point the cat’s human pets it, probably in order to calm the cat down. After getting pet by the owner, the cat looks even more annoyed at the paper. Eventually, the owner pets the cat again and when the feline starts to furiously paw at the paper, its human motions for it to stop and the kitty surrenders, plopping down on the paper instead.

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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