Cat Miraculously Recovers After Getting Hit by Truck Driver

The world is filled with sad stories these days. We could use more happy endings to follow the tales of tragedy. Station WDBJ recently shared the story of a cat that nearly met its demise when he was plowed over by a truck on a roadway. It’s a story we hear all too often that makes us sick to our stomachs, but this one has a happy ending. Does Maverick really have nine lives? It appears that he might. He is the cat that was hit by a truck driver in Galax, Virginia. The tale unfolded near the end of January 2020. Maverick ran out in front of a truck and was badly injured. Luckily there was a good Samaritan standing nearby to rush him to a local veterinary clinic. Upon examination, it was discovered that Maverick had life-threatening injuries. He sustained a hole in his side that extended into his diaphragm. He also had a broken jaw and had lost his baby teeth. The team of vets worked through the night to repair the injuries with no guarantee that the kitten could be saved. This didn’t stop them from trying. It would take a miracle to save the kitten, but that’s precisely what took place. The kitten made it through the surgery and staff remarked that his recovery was nothing short of miraculous. They named the kitten Maverick because of his toughness and fortitude. Emily Green is the foster mom who took him in until he finds a forever home. The kitten has fully recovered at the age of 6 months and he is ready to meet his forever family.

Little is known about his original owners

Maverick is one of those kittens that wandered out in the road and was nearly killed. There was no way to tell if he was an abandoned cat or if he had wandered away from a loving home. The odds are high that he was either born to a feral mother or dumped by owners who didn’t want him. This is a common occurrence that is illegal, but difficult to enforce unless the offender is caught in the act. It’s a heartwarming story with a happy ending, but Maverick is an exception to the rule. Most abandoned animals die under horrible circumstances such as these, or from starvation, disease, or other accidents.

What can be done to help curb the incidences of stray cats?

Homeless cats are just doing what they can to try to survive. Kittens like Maverick are frightened and do not know how to survive on their own. Some pet owners allow their cats to roam freely. This contributes to the problem of cats on the loose and getting hit by vehicles. It is the responsibility of pet owners to keep their animals indoors to prevent things like this from happening. Cats are independent creatures and it can be difficult to keep them in when they really want to go outside.

Properly tag your cat

If your cat has a case of wanderlust and tends to sprint out the door and get lost for a few hours, there are a few things you can do. The best option is to put a collar on him with identifying information that lets anyone who finds him know that he isn’t a stray. He’s a loved member of the family. This makes it easier for someone who finds your cat to return him to your home or at least let you know where he is.

Get your kittens chipped

Chipping is an even better means for identifying a lost kitten or adult cat. The process is fast, as painless as a vaccine, and inexpensive. Cats are scanned for microchipping to identify the owners and ensure their safe return home when they’re picked up as a stray. The information provides finders with your contact information as well as information about the cat.

What about Feral cats?

According to Save Them All, cats that are kept outside and allowed to roam may become feral cats quickly. These cats become wild and unmanageable. They are also prone to becoming diseased or infested with parasites. If there are feral cats in your neighborhood and you know the owners you may want to discuss with them before making any reports. If they do not take responsibility for the animals, you an all a rescue shelter or the human society to come and get them off the streets.

The solution to the problem

Cats offer a unique problem because they tend to multiply so quickly when they’re out on the streets. The best solution for the problem with stray cats is to have your cat spayed or neutered before he or she reaches breeding age. This cuts down on the number of homeless cats roaming the neighborhoods. If you own a cat, do the best you can to encourage him to stay indoors. Sometimes cats that are neutered lose interest in roaming around. Whatever you do, have him chipped by your local veterinarian. This simple procedure can be done in just a few minutes. If he wanders off or gets injured it will be easier to identify him to ensure that he gets returned to your home.

Final thoughts

Maverick is a unique kitten with a questionable past. The lack of microchipping made it impossible to tell if he was a pet or a stray. It’s always a good idea to provide a collar with a name tag and your contact information on your beloved pet if he does manage to get away from you. It’s the responsible thing to do to keep him from becoming another statistic of unknown origins. Cats that are found without identification are turned over to shelters. They are placed for adoption so there is no guarantee you’ll ever see your pet again unless you take these measures.

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