Recent Study Identifies Five Feline Personality Types

Cats are funny creatures that many people who own a cat, or cats, will tell you. They are so different than dogs in that there are many different types of personalities in this breed of animal. Experts have been intrigued with cats for years and have spent about as much time just trying to understand them. Have you ever wondered about your cat’s personality? If you have more than one cat, then you probably already know that two or three cats can all act very different from each other, despite you treating them the same. They may all exhibit very distinct mannerisms and behaviors so different that it makes you wonder what it is you’re doing different with each of them to cause them to be so different. The truth is, cats actually have five distinct personality types.

Researchers in Australia and in New Zealand have applied a specific model that describes human personality traits to domestic cats, and what they discovered, is really quite interesting. This study that surveyed the owners of an astounding 2,802 felines, was published in the online journal PLOS One back in August.

The following are the five feline personality types, and they are dubbed “The Feline Five”.

1. Neuroticism – These little felines are quite shy. They display a fearful type of personality, always hiding and seeming insecure and wary of people and their surroundings. You may feel frustrated that you can’t always seem to get your cat to come out from under the bed or be more interactive with the family. You might start to question whether he even loves you, but the truth is, his behavior isn’t because he doesn’t feel affection towards you, it’s just his personality.

2. Etraversion – These are smart little kitties who almost seem to know exactly what they’re doing. They’re inquisitive, curious, active and inventive. They never stop thinking and trying to figure things out. They are the ones that would be able to find their way out of a paper bag. If you own an etraversion cat, you may even be able to train him to do some tricks.

3. Dominance – You know how kids are that are labeled bullies? Well, cats can be bullies too, and if you have more than one cat, you may own a bully. If you see one of your cats show a dominance over the other(s), be aggressive towards them, and seem to bully them, then your cat is probably a “bully” personality. Maybe he bullies his way to the food, toys, or for your affection. They are headstrong and want to have their way with everything.

4. Impulsiveness – This type of personality displays and erratic and reckless type of personality. They can seem content one moment, and the next, bolting across the room for what appears to be, well, no reason at all. They may be lying happily on your bed, then suddenly leap in the air and off the bed. You can never tell what a cat with this type of personality will do at any given moment.

5. Agreeableness – This type is typically a friendly and affectionate cat. They are affectionate and loving towards people and very gentle in nature. These cats are the ones that prefer to be close to their owner and snuggle up next to you on your lap or on the couch next to you. You can expect lots of rubs on your leg, and probably plenty of gentle head butting.

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