The 10 Best Cheshire Cat Tattoos Out There Today

Tattoo designs are a very personal thing and the reason that people choose them varies from one person to the next. While some people choose a tattoo to reflect their personality or something about which they are passionate, others simply like the design of a tattoo. Even tattoo designs that depict the same subject can vary significantly in style, making them unique to the person with a tattoo. Cat tattoos are a popular choice amongst animal lovers and there are lots of different designs from which they can choose. An interesting option is the Cheshire Cat from the Alice in Wonderland series of books. This character has been interpreted in many ways since the original illustrations and people have put their own spin on the character. Here are 10 of the best Cheshire Cat tattoos.

1. John Tenniel’s Disembodied Head

John Tenniel drew the original illustrations of the Cheshire Cat and his drawings inspired many tattoos. This one is in the original style and depicts the Cheshire Cat’s disembodied head as it appeared in the Queen of Hearts’ croquet game. The tattoo artist was Danielle S. from Premium Tattoo in Oakland.

2. A Disney-Style Cheshire Cat

This is an unusual interpretation of the character as the predominant color is lilac and the body of the cat is like a ribbon or a sprung spring. It is a cartoon-style depiction of one of the most famous cats in literature and the movies that is accompanied by the words ‘We’re All Going Mad’. Darren Ditton of Tattoo Art in Suffolk is responsible for this artwork.

3. American McGee’s Cheshire Cat

The American McGee’s Alice video game presented the Cheshire Cat in a new way. Instead of the original rounded look and smiley face of the cat, it became a haggard-looking feline with exposed bone. This tattoo by Ben Whiteraven of Berserk Tattoos in Melbourne shows the cat in a black and grey design with pointy ears and an ear piercing.

4. Alice in Wonderland Theme

Some people go for an Alice in Wonderland theme with the cat as the central figure. This tattoo shows an American McGee style Cheshire Cat alongside significant things from the story, such a bottle and cake that depict the ‘Eat Me, Drink Me’, conundrum that Alice faces in the tales and a stunning red rose. This tattoo was completed at Vollgas Tattoos.

5. A Tim Burton Cheshire Cat

Tim Burton gave the Cheshire Cat a new image when he released his Alice in Wonderland movie. While the cat retained his round face and wide smile, his most noticeable feature was now his big green eyes. These are the focal point of this Tim Burton inspired tattoo which combines greens and black to create a cat that looks both adorable and freaky at the same time.

6. The Cheshire Cat in Watercolor

Tim Burton’s Cheshire Cat was also used as this inspiration for this piece by Elizabeth Avila of Twisted Tattoos in Chicago. She used the concept of running watercolors to create this disembodied head in purple, green and black. The most distinct feature of the tattoos is the big green eyes.

7. Colorful Alice in Wonderland Design

Some people prefer a tattoo with lots of color and this one is certainly bright. This tattoo is in the style of a children’s book illustration with the use of bright colors, including yellows, blues, greens, and pinks. The Cheshire Cat is not the only character in this tattoo as it also features Alice and the White Rabbit.

8. The One-Eyed Cheshire Cat

There are some more unusual interpretations of the Cheshire Cat that people have used their own imaginations to create. This is one of the more unusual Cheshire Cat designs as it uses geometric designs and bright pastel colors. However, the shapes and colors are not the most unusual aspect of this tattoo.

9. The Combination Concept

Some people like to combine the Cheshire Cat with characters from another cartoon, TV series, or movie. This example combines the Cheshire Cat with an ‘Adventure Time!’ theme. It uses pastel colors to create a very feminine tattoo.

10. The Forest Cat

An unusual interpretation of the Cheshire Cat, this tattoo has the outline and facial features of the cat alongside a small Alice. The stripes of the Cheshire Cat have been replaced with tree shapes to represent the forest from the story. Shadowing creates an eerie feel to the scene.

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