Cat Named ‘Michael Scott’ is the New Internet Sensation

Michael Scott Cat

If you have an Instagram account, the list of people you follow probably consists of your friends and family, along with some social influencers and your favorite celebrities. There are also many animals who now have their own Instagram accounts, as their owners want to show off their pet’s cuteness. While many of these accounts are simply photographs that the animal’s owner has taken of them looking adorable, there are some pet Instagram accounts that stand out from the rest and are worth following. One of these is the Instagram account of Michael Scott, a cat who goes by the tag @dunderkitten.

If you are going to follow just one pet Instagram account this year, then make this the one that you choose. Although Michael Scott has only made 324 posts since the account was opened, he has already accrued a whopping 15.9 thousand followers. So, what is so amazing about this cat that he is attracting so much attention on social media? Mashable describes Michael Scott as the world’s best cat and explains why he has become an Internet sensation. They say that he is such a big hit because he is linked to ‘The Office’ The influence of ‘The Office’ is huge, and the sitcom has a massive fanbase around the world. Brittney Jernstrom, Michael Scott’s 26-year-old owner, is a superfan of the series. She called her cat Michael Scott because she noticed that he had a striking resemblance to ‘The Office’ character of the same name.

In ‘The Office’, Michael Scott is played by talented actor Steve Carell, who is famous for his work in both television and film. Carell is usually associated with comedic roles, and his portrayal of Scott in this NBC sitcom has made this character one of the best-loved in the series. The black cat is now three years old, and he has really lived up to his namesake’s persona since he joined Jernstrom’s family by taking on the character of the World’s Best Boss. It was his similarities to the television character that led Jernstrom to open the cat an Instagram account. Fans of ‘The Office’ have been particularly delighted to watch the photographs and videos that are uploaded on this account. He really gets into character by wearing a tie to recreate famous funny scenes out of the sitcom.

Jernstrom has had Michael Scott since he was a kitten, along with his mother and brother. They were strays when Jernstrom found them, and she took them into her home. At first, she wasn’t sure what to name the little black kitten. However, once she had got to know him a little, she said it was a no-brainer. She had owned lots of cats before, but this one stood out because he was more eccentric than any of her other feline friends. Michael Scott seemed to want to become the center of attention all the time, and he was always doing stupid stuff. Jernstrom says he has a big personality and has described him as socially incompetent, loud, obnoxious, and affectionate. Everything about the black cat reminded her of Steve Carell’s character, and it wasn’t just his personality that was the same. She noticed that her cat and Steve Carell have the same hair and eye color, so this made choosing the cat’s name an easy decision.

According to Pop Sugar, Brittney Jernstrom first opened an Instagram account for her cat in 2018, and he became an instant hit. She chose the name Dunderr Kitten as his username as it seemed apt to name him after the company featured in the ‘The Office, Dunder Mifflin, of which Steve Carell’s character is the manager. Many of the posts on the account feature Michael Scott (the cat version) wearing a tie and sitting in poses. The pictures are accompanied by famous quotes from the television series. Although a simple tie is his most usual attire, he does occasionally have the opportunity to change his wardrobe a little. For example, when he was doing the famous Prison Mike alter ego, he wore a red bandana. Brittney also uses some props in the shoots, such as a mug with ‘World’s Best Boss printed on the side and a mini laptop.

Fortunately, this attention-seeking cat loves to get dressed up, and Jernstrom says that he particularly loves to wear his tie. This means it is easy for her to get the cat fully involved in the photoshoots. Brittney has also said that he loves getting into a pose. There are some spots in her house where she normally takes the photographs. When she goes to these spots, Michael Scott knows that it is photograph time and he automatically goes and puts himself in a pose. This shows just how much this cat loves having his photograph taken. His owner says that Michael Scott seems to have a big ego, and it is like he knows that he has become a celebrity.

As a superfan of ‘The Office’, Brittney gets all her creative inspiration for the shoots from her favorite scenes in the show. Sometimes she watches episodes again just to ger some new ideas, and Michael Scott curls up next to her to watch his namesake on the screen. It is a special time for them both. Now that he has become famous, Michael Scott has a bigger ego than ever. He certainly considers himself the top cat in the house. Brittney is an animal lover, so Michael Scott shares his home with a dog called Scooby and four other cats called Pippin, Patch, Rocky, and Missy. He certainly considers himself above the other animals in the house. If you check out his Instagram account, his profile information describes him as the manager of four other cats. The other pets occasionally take part in his Instagram posts.

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