Cat Owners Now Getting Creative With Their Pet Haircuts

There’s a new grooming trend for pets, and it’s probably the best thing you’ll see today. All over the world today, pet owners are exercising their creative muscles while using their furry friends as their muses. There’s nothing like a fresh cut, and we’re not quite sure yet if these animals actually like the new groom styles they’re getting. It could just be the latest fad in today’s new lockdown norm, and boredom might be to blame. Still, we can’t resist some of these cats’ mane styles. Could the dinosaur age be coming back? It sure looks that way with these cat haircuts. The latest cat hair trend is being dubbed “dinocut” or “dragoncut.” The idea is to shave down the cat hair close to its body, and to leave the hair length along the spine in order to style it. To achieve the dragoncut, the remaining hair is trimmed into a series of spikes that could go all the way down to the tip of the tail or not. We’ve seen rounded spikes and even gelled up spikes. It turns out that cats are the perfect animals for such a rocking look.

In addition to carving out spikes on pet hair, cat owners have been extra creative with various other cat looks. We’ve seen cats with perfectly carved ridges on their fur, making a cascading effect down animals’ backs. We’ve seen straight ridges, thin ridges, thick ridges, curvy ridges, and so many more. Pet owners have also been creating various other patterns on their pets’ fur including chevron patterns, checkered patterns, and various braided styles.

Apart from the mohawk style cuts, we’re seeing at lot of cats with dyed hair as well. There’s a bit of controversy with this practice, especially since dyes are generally full of chemicals. There are better hair dye alternatives today, ones that are non-toxic. The popular idea is if it’s safe for humans, it should be safe for animals too. However, it might be better to use more natural coloring alternatives for your pets. This article by Sheknows shares useful ideas on alternatives. Food coloring and semi-permanent pet dyes are better for cats. Also, there are non-permanent alternatives such as fur chalk and colored pet hair spray. It’s amazing that these are even available for pet owners to buy, but they help you express your cat’s personality without damaging or hurting your pet.

We’ve seen some outrageous cat hair colors out there. They range from simple rainbow colors to insane plaid designs. Some of them look professionally done, while others are probably better left undone. Some cats looks extremely rock and roll with bright neon colors, while other cats just look plain ridiculous. Some of the coolest designs we’ve seen are those of cats that are colored or cut to look like their relatives in the wild. There are some domesticated cats that have plain-looking coats. Some pet owners have taken it upon themselves to put on tiger stripes or cheetah marks. The results of those are usually striking—as long as they’re done right. There are also cats out there that sport a wild lion mane around their faces. Some pet owners aren’t shy about completely shaving their pet cats’ coat only to leave hair around the face. We’ve also seen the complete opposite in cats with shaved hair on their bodies and intact long, bushy tails.

In addition to leaving facial hair on, some pet owners have come up with the idea of giving their cats furry boots. By shaving a cat’s coat and leaving only the hairs on the legs or feet, pet owners can give their cats the appearance of shoes. The results are usually fun and adorable. This idea works best with cats that have thicker and fluffier coats altogether.

It’s true that these trending styles such as the dragoncut or dinocut are absolutely adorable. However, the reason why it all works is because cat coats are generally amazing to begin with. Cat fur comes in such a wide array of natural designs and qualities that make them stand out automatically in the world of pets. Even the average tabby cat can have the most beautiful coat. Even solid cat coats that have absolutely no pattern can be remarkably beautiful. Just look at this picture of a solid white cat in this article by Petful. There’s nothing like the look of an extremely clean white pet. You can also find the many different patterns of cat coats out there. For example, Calico cat breeds are usually also called tri-color cats because they have three colors in their coats. Tabby coats, on the other hand, have 4 different pattern varieties. Pet lovers might know the differences, but the general public usually doesn’t. There are bicolor cat coat designs, tortoiseshell, colorpoint, and many others. The breed of the cat usually has a role in the genetics of a cat coat. Either way, cat coats are naturally beautiful, and some might go as far as saying that they should just be left alone.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the dinocut or the dragoncut, you can’t deny how adorable some of them look. The style might not be for every cat out there, but it definitely looks good on some felines. The dinocut is just another fun way for cat owners to interact and have fun with their furry friend, and we’re sure that it’s all done out of love and care. We just have to remember that even though owners love it and people everywhere are amazed by a pet haircut, the cat itself may not be a big fan. As long as it’s in the best interest of the animal, we are all for it. After all, pet owners should know what’s best for their cats.

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